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Anti depressants and drinking?

Sorry to ask this odd question but it's playing on my mind. I am wanting to have a few ( quite a few) drinks tonight since its new years eve and it's making me really panic since I haven't been told whether I still can drink or not on citlopram...has anyone been told to avoid alcohol? The tablets don't seem to be helping at all anyway, so would not taking them for a few days hurt?

Sorry again if this comes across stupid! I'm 19 and want to actually enjoy my life, and at the moment it seems like anxiety is controlling me:(

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You`ll just (crash) a little harder when the hangover kicks in... Once someone starts taking meds they are supposed to build up the anti depressant in the system.... which takes a while.... two three weeks depending on dosage. Have a great time Happy New Year


Thankyou:) I have been taking them everyday for 5/6 weeks now and I feel no difference in my self or my anxiety. I haven't taken the tablet yet ( normally take them at 6am) as I'm anxious of what will happen, do you reckon I should still take it? Xxx


You will let it control you if you are drinking and taking meds! Please step back and look at the big picture! You can do more harm to yourself by mixing these two things together, I had a friend who had a manic break down taking antidepressants and mixing with alcohol! I know you don't want to miss out on the fun but you can still have fun drinking a non alcohol drink and nobody has to know just think about why you want on your prescribed medication you want to feel better, right? Don't sabotage yourself, take it easy you can still have fun, believe me. Thank God you are only nineteen and your not 50 dealing with anxiety, you have a lot of years ahead of you to fix this issue now that you know what it is....take care and good luck :)


Sorry messed up what I wrote should have read it be for i posted. What I meant to say was "just think about why you went on medication in the first place" you want to feel better, right? Mixing the both might do worse damage.


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