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Overwhelming Symptoms

My anxiety started in September when I had a panic attack in my psychology class. Since then I have experienced so many different symptoms it has become overwhelming. I cannot keep running back to the hospital and doctors time after time when all of my tests come back fine. I have been dealing with a pretty bad cold since last wednesday and its finally starting to get better. However, I am experiencing anxiety again because I'm having a constant vibrating/bubbling like feeling in my chest since I woke up from my nap earlier. I went to the cardiologist and he has told me its not cardiac related and that it should gradually decrease. However, it has decreased but it is coming back like it was before and its a constant feeling in my chest that really bothers me and is giving me anxiety again even though I take a beta-blocker called atenolol every night before I go to bed. I just want all of these crazy symptoms to stop so I can finally stop obsessing and over-worrying about my health it has taken over my life these past months. Not sure what else to do it seems like when one thing goes away another symptom appears and the cycle just keeps repeating itself.

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Hello. Sounds like anxiety, maybe you are still feeling like this because of the resent panic attacks. If the doctor says all is well I know it can be hard to accept it might just be anxiety. We end up asking ourselves where is this all coming from. But acceptance is important to move forward. Have you tried finding ways to help with the anxiety? A few things that help me are, running, meditation, yoga, talking to a loved one about my feelings. There is no magic cure, but maybe by trying a new "coping" technique you'll find something that helps. In the beginning when I first began to deal with it, meditation was very helpful. I recomend many people here have used it and found it helpful. Good luck and hope this helps.


Hey Chey921,

That's definitely anxiety. When you are finally over one symptom here comes another one. Its really mind over matter with anxiety. You have to pray and push through it. I'm finding that when I just allow myself to have the anxiety/panic attacks, they go away faster as opposed to when I'm fighting them or obsessing over them. We all want our lives back from this crazy thing called anxiety and I pray that we all get our lives back, 100%. Blessings to you.


Hi Chey921,

I get that vibrating thing to and it does send me into a panic but the other night I so happened to see my pulse when it happened and saw that my heart was beating normally when I felt it it also makes me cough like when I have heart palps that's why I was thinking heart related.

But I was told it could be bowel/esophugus spasms. That comes from being tense all the time.

I find that when I let go and ride the anxiety or stress like Kenya said it goes by faster. Don't over analyze things. You know it's anxiety take a few big breaths and tell yourself that.

I was on atenolol a few weeks back due to rapid heartrate from anxiety is that your case too?


Thanks Ive had it constant since last night. I'm on atenolol for anxiety as well as chest pain as I have mitral valve prolapse.


If you focus on it, anything can happen. It can get bigger until you honestly believe something is very wrong, but that does not make it so. Anxiety can do very weird things with the chest, and Ive read that to be a symptom of it. Try to distravt yourself and if you find that it comes back once you think of it, anxiety is the cause. But dont think that because youve tried to distract yourself and the feeling is still there that it must be medical. Nope. Not true. It can still loiter in the back of your mind and be there when you dont think it should be.


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