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Hello, kisses for all of you

Hello, I missed you all. I've been busy, really busy and not much access to internet lately. Doesn't mean I forgot you all..

I'm very anxious, lately I've been seeing too many negative news on Facebook. Death here, crime there, Ebola here, and so on and so forth. Is it just me, when I'm anxious everything seems related to it, I'm I'm panicking every small thing is related to it. People can put as much as they want in fb but it seems that when I'm currently pestered with anxiety and intrusive thoughts the more it adds me when I see the internet, it's like it's just there, is it an omen that something terrible would happen or this is normal :(

Also my bloody intrusive thoughts is kicking me again. I feel like a terrible human being, it's like I feel that these images like coming from a thriller movie, I'm scared I will act on them.. I just want a peaceful quiet life. Not all these unwanted thoughts and lately I've been trying to pick up my life but it always surfaces so I feel this is a battle I will fight all my life?? :(

Again I know you all there for me. You guys are the best thing internet have given me.


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Hi Ellie :)

Yes, it's quite normal with anxiety.

I try not to listen to the news to much, too depressing .

I try to keep all of that out of ear shot.

Have you tried mindfulness?

Check out and headspace

Both are very good at keeping things calm.

I do every morning and evening for 30mins.

It does make difference if you do it on a regular basis.

Have you tried keeping a journal?

This is a helpful as it helps you to empty your mind.

You could also try some talking therapies such as cbt.

Hope this helps :) xx


Hi Elle, I try to avoid the news especially on facebook because often times they are bogus stories. Treat yourself with "kid gloves" and avoid news that may affect you. I try and look for human interest stories, positive stories that are uplifting. Intrusive thoughts can be difficult to deal with but Yummi has given you some great advise. Try and make some daily quiet time for yourself... meditate, write in a journal, go for a walk, just some quiet time where you can empty your thoughts. Wishing you some peace of mind.


Hi just so you know i have read your post. I cant coment on the intrusive thoughts but i hope you are well


hi elle, your anxiety"s are exactly the same as my o/h, any bad news, deaths, war, ebola, worries about people dying etc, when she gets these thoughts she has a anxiety relax cd handy just to take her mind off things, but you are right , they are in your face everytime you put on the tele/radio, yummi and petita are spot on tho, so i can"t add any more. love jasper xx


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