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One step Forward 10 steps back

I was doing so well managing my anxiety. I was able to go anywhere I wanted. I had starting taking a class and driving myself there. I rode in an elevator . I was having people over, really statting to challenge myself to do things I wasn't comfortable with to push my limits. The BAM out of nowhere another Panic Attack. This time while driving home last week from visiting my daughter. It took me 1 hour and a half to get home because I had to pull over and get off streets. I am soo mad. I went in the car again and had another attack, so ooof course I am getting scared of the car again! Why why why!!!!!! Anxiety I HATE YOU

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hi roses, sorry to hear about your attack, my younger brother started having panic after he was caught in the his car in really bad weather, had to stop driving, had some counselling / hypnotherapy, started to drive with another driver with him in the car, slowly regained his confidence again, driving every day now,hope your feeling better now, love jasper xx


You are certainly not mad. I previously experienced panic attacks and understand how you feel.

I invested a great deal of time to maintain a healthy emotional and physical lifestyle by attending coping with life course through my local MIND organisation

If i can help you in your recovery please get back to me


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