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Beautiful people missing you all

Tired anxious scared... All I am right now. I'm not forgetting all of you my loves, I just have a very demanding job and boss and it's kicking my behind... But I still get time to be anxious and get intrusive thoughts which I can't afford. Everytime I see knife or any scene in tv I get freaked out, hoping that I don't turned out to be like this bad people I read about or watch :( i hope you all there listening to me. Believe it or not I get all my strength from you when I'm in this state :( I miss you all and kisses from me....

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Hi Ellie

Always nice to hear from you & well done getting on with the job even though it is demanding

I think what you think could be a form of ocd when they speak about intrusive thoughts

I did a post I pinned to the right hand site of the page

Here is the link , see if you can relate to it

Take Care :-)





hi elle, my o/h gets these intrusive thoughts as well, anything bad on the news effects her, i tell her she cannot do anything to change the news, so i now switch over about 10pm when its coming on, put something on more suitable for her, missing your posts, love jasper, xx


Hi Jasper

I get those Intrusive thoughts if I watch something violent on the News.

I used to be the same if I saw a programme about child cruelty and

Would find it hard to get those thoughts out of my head.

Now I'd switch channels if something very upsetting comes on.

Hannah xx


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