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Hello :)

I thought I would come here and join up as many of you guys from the old site are here. I am having a tough time right now. Right eye seems watery, double vison and feel tired. I am also having bladder issues, keep going to the toilet and it's driving me mad. I am off to the doctors in a few days to get this all checked over. I am looking forward to going to London on December 6th for a weekend so I want to feel normal then

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Hello, nice to see you here. Welcome you will find a few of us here.

Sounds to me, you are run down and maybe have a touch of health anxieties to. Going to the doctors is a good idea, maybe in the meantime speak to the chemist and if they can help you.

I see your going to London for a trip, is it a Christmas shopping trip?

Take care xxx


Hello :-)

Glad you have found us :-)

Oh sorry you are having a bad time

Sometimes I get red runny eyes , it can be because I am over tired & or even a bit of cold in it , but they settle down again

Also the going to the toilet at the most a little infection , if not anxiety

I no its not easy because we worry with HA but both would be soon put right if it wasnt anxiety

Some eye drops would be given you for your eyes & if you have a water infection a course of meds would soon put that right !

Have you a small empty tablet bottle or something ?

If you have & you sterilize it very well , in fact several times , I would take a morning sample with me as that is the first thing they test to make sure there is no infection & they would normally ask you to come back with one , so as soon as they say that I say here I have already brought one with me !

Saves time !

I am sure everything will be OK :-)

Let us no how you go on :-)





Morning, lovely to see you :-)

I get eye problems, can be very annoying, have you tried a chamomile tea, its very relaxing and calming and helps any bladder issues, good to check it over with the gp and make sure your in good shape.

Have a lovely time on your trip, enjoy yourself and don't let irritating symptoms stop you from having a lovely time.

Take care of yourself

Much Love xxxxx


Hello everyone :)

I've got a water infection! Went to see the doctor and got a lovely infection! I got some pills to take over 3 days which should clear it right up. Also having an eye test on Friday just to be safe. I do feel better knowing I am not going mad over things right now lol


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