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Neurology and orthotic appointment

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I had a neurology and orthotic appointment last week. I have had ongoing problems with spasms, especially at night. Also, my muscle tone is slowing down the healing process of my ankle. After a full neurological assessment, my consultant suggested that I keep taking the baclofen and tizanidine. Tizanidine is a short-acting muscle relaxant. My consultant wants me to increase the dose of Tizanidine am/pm. I have started to increase the night time dose and it seems to be helping with my spasms at night. This is a great sign since I am on a small dose of the drug and there is room for adjusting the dose. I am to increase this gradually and I have to have my liver function checked in a few weeks time. The consultant thinks that my spasms have increased due to my injury and the number of urine infections I have had.

My orthotics appointment went well and I was cast for a splint for my left leg. This will correct the position of my knee and foot and give my ankle more support.

I am due to go back for fitting in a couple of weeks time to see if this will work.

I'm not sure if I will get shoes to fit.

Until next time.

Rachael xxx

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Hi my problems are not as bad but I had to come off the Baclofen with my hips I am still having problems with my hips but I am going for an MRI scan to see what is going on.

One or two of the exercises that I do is harder with the spasms that my legs want to straiten out.

With the urine infections have you tried cranberry tables they do help a lout.