Giving up work

Giving up work


I am 38 years old. I have mild Cp walk with a limp have one leg shorter than the other. I worked as nursery nurse for 12 years but in my 20s I started to get back ache. I changed my career to admin. But as I have got older the wear and tear to my body due to Cp has got worse. I can't walk very far and use a wheelchair. I have had lots of surgery on legs and back.

The pain got so bad in November I had to give up work for good. This has been really hard as now stuck in the house.

Giving up work has been horriable I have been told I will never work again . I am suffering from depression because of this.

Has anyone else had to stop working

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  • Yes, it has happened to me. I am 42 and three years ago I had 2 accidents falling of 2 horses within one year and ended up in a wheelchair. I have mild right hemiplegic spastic CP. When I was 25 years old I received my first AFO ankle brace... my right foot having a high arch and walking funny.. my foot began to cramp up a lot. I have lower back pain most of the time because my hip on my right side rotates out significantly. You are not alone in loosing your job.

  • Thank you I am still grieving for the loss and the knowing I will not work again . Sorting benefits out is nightmare.

  • sure is.. a nightmare, go one moment at a time, I encourage self compassion and prayer and if anyone is close to reach out for support and journaling helped me. Remember Grieving is a process.. there is no right way.. no time limit, and no judgement on it.. it is a loss.. a huge life altering change.. you will find peace I hope for you.. you will find the sun behind the cloud, it will make you sensitive to others and there is growth from this.. Thinking of you, Judy

  • Thank you

  • keep seeking support from those who are close to you and your Higher Power, and is there free counseling anywhere?

  • I was only aloud 8 sessions.

  • Hi there

    Im 46 and left hemi cp and agree life gets harder. Im fortunate to still b working as my employer has made lots of adjustments and my colleagues r fab too. I have been going to glasgow riding for the disabled for 25 years, have u tried it out ? I think it has helped me lots and i get to meet people with similar issues. If u go to rda national site u can enter ur postcode and find ur nearest centre. It might b worth a try.

  • I will have a look . The main problem is finances as I can't drive . I am waiting for tax back from pension . Thank you

  • Hi there

    That sounds awful. Do u go to any groups where people face similar issues, i think this really helps me. Im left hemi and 46. I really enjoy riding for the disabled u can find nearest group on the riding for the diabled site. I have also in the last 6 months joined the glasgow life disability sports programme and now really enjoy swimming. Maybe ur local authority has a programme? I have met lots of lovely people there who i enjoy spending time with and the swimming is improving too.

  • Thank you for your advice.  It's cost if getting there that is hard for me at the moment 

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