Living with cp

Living with cp

Hi I am 57 soon I am female living in the south of Irelanc.

I am divorced now a long long time have four very grown up children

I am posting this cause the last two years have become very stiff again and tight

I was just wondering if it cause getting older or lack of physo please dose anyone else finds this.

There in Ireland are very little supports for adults living with cp

Thanks Trish

In Ireland

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  • It happens, age and overuse syndrome, your body has had to compensate it's whole life and the wear and tear over the years just makes you age faster. It is also a lack of physio and adults with CP.. have a hard time with care because nothing is as available as when you were a child. Spasticity does get worse as you get older. I am now getting Botox to relax my muscles covered by or Canadian Government for those on disability. That has helped me. It is expensive to pay for it out of pocket. Way to expensive. I am a 42 year old female with Mild-moderate right Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy and had no assitive devices until I was 25 I received my first Foot AFO, then a cane later and walker in my 30's and after 4 years before after falling off a horse 2 times in one year, I need a wheelchair for distances.

    Judy from Ontario, Canada

  • Hi Trish,

    Welcome to the site. My name is Lillian and I am a 56 yr old with lower body CP and since last May an above knee amputee on my left leg. The symptoms you are describing could be due to a combination of both factors, like you, I feel there is very little specialised support for the older people with cp in Scotland. I am seriously considering going privately with my healthcare and rehabilitation. Maybe this is not what you were wanting to hear, but even knowing that others are in a similar situation to yourself and that you are not alone will help a little bit. Take care, Lillian.

  • Thank you for your reply. There's no hope of receiving Botox out of pocket here in Ireland has it helped you Botox Hun .

    Trish in Ireland

  • I never had Botox treatment. I| have had surgery as a child and have baclofen pills for many years now. When I said I was going private I meant for physio and possibly getting a prothesis. My understanding was that botox treatment was only really effective for the 16 yr olds and under. Lillian x

  • Thank you Lillan very much for clearing that up.


    In Ireland xx

  • Try and keep your chin up, trish. i know it isnt easy. but as i said maybe knowing that there are others in the same boat as you might help. Take care, Lillian x

  • If u r planning private Physio and r in the central belt Neuro Physio Scotland are amazing. I have had Botox as an adult with good results. In Glasgow it is offered at the new queen Elizabeth hospital at the physically disabled rehabilitation unit, dr panesar. Hope this helps.

  • thanks Elaine, this is really helpful info. How did you get referred and approximately how much did it cost, if you don't mind me asking? Many thanks.

  • Botox has been working for me.. I am 42. Weird... Judy

  • Lillian I've never be a grumpy person regarding my disability

    I have always accepted it and got on with my life the best ways I could

    Here in Ireland they make you fight for every single service and every little thing you may need

    I was married been divorced now a long time and back living on my own it's how I want it but it's like pulling teeth to get pa hours ect ect its fight fight all the time here

    Thank youLillan again


    In Ireland xx❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I know the feeling, Trish. Even with the NHS here in Scotland, with the financial cuts, we are having to fight for everything. But right will prevail in the end. Take care, Lillian xxx

  • I am 38 and love in the UK. And there is no physio for adults with cp here. I jut have to do my own from what I have learnt. I do feel getting older makes joints worse

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