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Stomach and other pains

Since I was 24 I have developed pain all over my body which causes me to feel down, no medication helps, learning to deal with it as have too. However, over the last 4 months pain in the top of my stomach has been bad, like someone standing on me everyday, sometimes sick. Had an endoscopy which is normal, saw my GP again and he said he can't do anymore. Is this pain/discomfort common with having CP?

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I get generalised pain with cp especially in the cold weather. Physio , exercise , baclofen and pain killers help to a point.

I take omeprozole 20mg daily as I get bad and painful acid reflux.

I learnt that pain killers can help make it more manageable but doesn't take it away by any means.


How do you find Baclofen? I tried it 2 yrs ago, started on a low dose then 3days later increased to 20mg(I think) and couldn't control my shakes at all. The consultant I asked about trying it didn't really have a clue!


I'm on 40mg a day 3 separate doses throughout the day. It reduces my tightness and spasm. I increased it really slowly over months not days. It works best for cp if you have high spasticity.

However it takes 6 -8 weeks to see effects. If you think it might help see your gp and increase very slowly. I know my limit is 40mg without adverse side affects but you can take a maximum of 60mg.

Pros - it makes movement and walking easier. May reduce pain but won't get rid completely. Cons - can make you feel sleepy .


What amount did you start off with and how slowly did you increase it?


4 months and started on 5mg. X


hi my name is emma i have had cp from birth. over the last 2 years i am having tummy pain myself so i know how u feel . i take pain killer which sometime help. so i know how u feel .


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