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In Pain 24/7......Bruised Toes


I am 21 years old, and have been living with CP all my life. Currently, i am really struggling as i have really bad bruising on my toes due to the way i walk. I have pain all the time. In the mornings, when placing my foot on the floor, it feels like its completely broken. I have tried physio as well as painkillers. I am on Baclofen too. But doesnt seem to being doing much for me right now. I cannot live like this. Can anyone give me any suggestions of what i can do to manage the pain and to get through life?

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have you been the doctors what do they say.


Hi, sorry couldn't read and not post a response. Sorry that you are in such pain. I am the mum of a young child with cp. Know it might not be any help but my daughter had sdr (selective dorsal rhizotomy) at St Louis Chiildren's Hospital in 2015. Dr Park has performed over 3,400 sdr operations now and works alongside his colleague Dr Dobbs (orthopeadic surgeon). SDR releases spasticity and Dr Park world leader in this op also operates on adults up to I think 45 or 50 years of age. Dr Dobbs does a range of orthopeadic procedures but favours less invasive techniques and interventions (for example he does hamstring and achillies tendon lenghtening with a feathering technique rather than traditional cut and reattach) so there is quicker recovery time. Wonder whether you can see orthopeadic consultant about your feet/toes to see if there is any way forward to help with this. Worthwhile also contacting St Louis Dr Dobbs, even if you are not in the States for advice).


Try strapping your toes together


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