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PIP Claims Your Experiences

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Hi Everyone,

I have recently become reliant on a wheelchair through my CP and osteoarthritis. I'm am going through the appeals process of PIP and the whole thing has made me angry. I would like to hear from others who have had any negative experiences of the process, so that I can represent all of us and take the problems with our benefits system to our MPs.

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Hi there,

PIP has been covered many times on HU - I don't pretend to say anything new.

Do not get emotional about the PIP process -the people who run the process have a job to do, and speak a particular language. Make certain that you speak the same language and all will be well. Put any pride (that you may have) aside. Take all help that is offered, someone from the CAB frequently knows the correct language to use. If you have an decision that is 'wrong', appeal, and remember that half of all appeals succeed.

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MeAndIt in reply to John352

If I put my pride aside and do nothing, then nothing will change. Falling silent (in my opinion) will not help to improve this system. I have read too many stories about people struggling with PIP/ESA to let this pass.


How can they take your pip away if you're in a wheelchair?, not been through pip but that's just bizarre. Did you tell them you walk sometimes etc?? Like you I have CP (Spastic Diplegia) and after years of being able to walk my legs gave up about 10yrs ago and now I can't even stand up as my legs are too weak and there's too much pain, I literally would collapse like somebody who's been shot if I even try. I've not been through pip yet but I am awaiting forms. Not looking forward to this whole debacle though.

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MeAndIt in reply to Nasmamu

Hi Nasmamu,

I agree, it is bizarre and once I got over the shock of reading their decision, it sent me on my current journey to try and get the system changed. I did tell them that I can walk sometimes (as this is the truth and I would not want to lie about my condition) and this is the evidence that the DWP used to make their decision.

Like so many others, no consideration was given to how reliably I can perform this activity or how often I can perform this task. Although they acknowledged that I use a wheelchair, this was not (in my opinion) given due consideration.

There are numerous other problems with my own claim - most of which have also been encountered by others going through PIP and ESA.

I think the DWP and the Assessment companies have had sufficient time to improve this process and yet, despite the efforts of the CAB, Scope and other disability groups - here we are 3 years on, forcing people to go to tribunals, only to find that the judges agree with them. It's BONKERS!

If you need any help/advice with your claim (when the time comes), please get in touch - you can find my email address on: - ourvoices.org.uk or disabilitytalk.co.uk/2017/0...

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Nasmamu in reply to MeAndIt

Bonkers sums it all up accurately. It's a shame the burden of truth doesn't work both ways. The system is a shambles, you have a process designed to reduce the number of claimants which in turn is run by organisations who get incentives for the amount of people they can decline. That's why so many tribunals are successful, they are/are meant to be impartial. Surely if theres incentives for reductions there should be penalties for wrong awards but that would make too much sense. In reality the assessors are immune from any action therefore don't give a second thought to declining somebody. Hope your appeal goes through. Best of luck and thanks for your contact details I will use them as I have a few questions, more regarding CP than the PIP process.

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