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My family keep telling me I can't do things

My family keep placing emphasis on the fact I am disabled I have an older able-bodied sister and a younger brother they get more freedom than I do and I often wonder if the fact I am disabled effects the way they treat me for example if I want to try to dress myself my mum usually says that I can't I feel like they don't encourage me at all what should I do?

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Morning that must be so hard for you I have had similar problems so I can understand.

I'm not sure how old you are but you probably need to be a bit more forceful or maybe try and sit down with your parents and explain that you want to be more independent and you feel they are not encouraging you. Maybe that wink help. I'm not sure if you've ever thought of an assistance dog? They can help with all kinds of things :)

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I am 24 yes old and I have cerebral palsy that only affects my legs so my the rest of my brain works fine. But when I make a small mistake like if I break a glass by accident my mom gets upset and when I try to be independent I feel like my parents won't let me like I asked my parents If I can move out and they said you can't. Long story short I know how you feel.


Hi, just try and do things before your parents can tell you that you can't, I was always told I cant do the things I wanted while growing up and although it got to me it also made me more determined to do it. I have achieved most things I wanted to do my own way of course, I can drive, I'm married and I have 3 great children. I don't know how bad your condition effects you or how old you are but always try and do things for yourself even if you have to tell others to let you try by yourself, sometime others take over thinking they know what's best for you and to keep you safe, all you can do is keep proving them wrong by showing you can do it given time.

Hope this helps


You need to talk to parents or octopational therapist to set up a meeting tof talk about your independent situation . Parents of people who have cp most of the time have trouble under standing . hope this helps.


As a person with cerebral palsy who has lived independently for the majority of my adult life I would like to endorse what the others have said.

Maybe you should try and get up early in the morning and try and start to get dress yourself and see how far you can get.

It may be a case but of showing your parents what you can do.

You may wish to contact your local advocacy service to see if they can offer you some support to help you explain how you feel.

Another possibility is that you could ask a family friend to support you in talking to your parents to help explain to them how you feel