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Well my son had a CT scan and than followed with a MRI...It was discovered he has a Brain Tumour..We have a appointment with Children's hospital on Monday to discuss treatment for the tumour..We have no idea if it is cancer or not...Praying for best process so he can get back to his life has a 16 yr old..I am have and I know I well again cry but we are both thinking Positive..

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My heart goes out to you and am extremely sorry to hear about what the scan showed. One thing to be grateful for is that you now know what has been making him unwell. What it your son's name? I will pray for you both and please keep me posted.

It's ok to cry but remember that you are stronger than you think!

Sending you hugs and positive thoughts. Liezl xxx

Son name is Jacob and prayers are welcome thanks so much

Hi Mumtolittlehero,

I have discovered i am stronger for my son who should not have to deal with this.His name is Jacob..They already have the shunt in has of 2 days..He well be under going radiation and chemo Nov3 Prayers and faith and staying positive keep us going..

Hi juanita257,

I'm so sorry to hear about Jacob's scan. I hope you get the right results in as soon as possible....I too will be praying for you all!🙏 We all need a way of release and you should also never keep it in either, it'll make matters worse. Keep in touch. Take care💗xx

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Hi Jackie,

We are not in St John's which is where our children hospital is and also our cancer treatment centre..Because of location of tumour no operation well be done..We decided radiation and chemo...Prayers are must..

Awh juanita257, Im so so sorry to hear that! The doctors will be doing their best for Jacob. You've to try and stay strong, mind you know I'm here anytime. You are all in my thoughts. God bless!🙏🏻x

Hi juanita257, how are you and Jacob today?

I came to check on how Jacob was just to notice that a previous post of mine never posted! Grrrrrr

How has he been, has he started theray yet? Is the plan just to shrink the tumor and operate then or is it unoperable? My sister had a brain tumor in her teens on her pertuity gland but medication was able to shrink it after 5 years of being on it.

How are you holding up? I am always here if you need to chat and know that I continue to pray for you both.

Take care

Liezl xxx

Jacob's radiation started yesterday with his chemo pills last night..Poor boy was up all night sick but has he says this morning feeling a lot better.There well be no operation because it is to dangerous so we are treating it has a cancer tumour..Prayers are a must.

Hi there, thinking of you often and wondered how Jacob was doing? Sending you much love. Xxxx

Jacob is doing good he has 3 radiation left and 6 nights of chemo pills..I am not sure what 2016 holds for him..I pray god heals him fast..hugs and thanks for caring.

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