Mildly high bilirubin and alt

So it started off with a lump type feeling in upper abdomen and slight back pains.

I was sent for barium xray and ulstrasound bloods which were all normal. Lump still there though i then was told to try laxative for constipation which did help the lump n upper back pain was then referred to specialist who done a endoscopy and colonoscopy no ceilioc desease dignosed with ibs 2 2mm duedonal ulcers chronic acute gatritis n noted lots of bile. I noticed it after the prep so think was from that. I was put on triple therapy n took toll on me i got to 3rd with stabbing pain in upper abdomen but was told to finish it which i did n then when i did i decided to have a drink of alcohol had 2 cans bourbon and started have right upper abdo swollen pressure feeling i stopped drinking ended up with dihhraoe next day a wk later kepted getting upper right pain so went back to drs had sn ultrasound which showed 2 2mm polyps gallbladder dr said wouldn't be reason for my pain n they just keep an eye on them. I then started to have burning sensation around rib cage n was put on solmac which helped first 3 days n started having numbness and tingling in fingers aswell fast heartbeat so i stopped. Kepted having nause n unsettled grumbly tummy so went back to drs and had bloods done which showed mild elevated alt n bilirubin dr not to concerned said be from the medication and to redo bloods in few months. I then found out i was pregnant and bloods went back to normal didn't take any medication started to feel better. I then had bub and 2 months later got sick and thought it had started again so was put on antiacids n same side effects so stopped felt nauseous couldn't keep anything down dignosed with noravirus through stool culture month later still not completely feeling better feeling fog pain around rib cage so done more bloods alt 63 bilirubin 38 low checked for gilberts syndrome all levels were mildly high so drs confused and now seeing medical specialist which is keeping eye on my bloods. Gallbladder polyps are now 3mm also have a low tsh with normal t4 and multiple nodules on thyroid 3mm wondered if may be linked.

I have had ct scan which showed normal liver also

Any idea's what elevated bilirubin and alt could be from?

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  • Had a recent endoscopy showed mild acute gastritis but not put on any meds

  • Hope you get to the cause of it all

  • Thanku im having more bloods thursday n hoping some good news n back to specialist in October.

    Currently had an mri done an found bulge in my l5s1 disc with moderate degeneration so seeing neurologist to see if it is cause to the extra pain im having.

    Im 25 with 3 kids.

    Its annoying having all these test with no answer as ive done numerous bloods for aids etc:(

  • Keep calm and carry on, be kind to yourself you'll get there in the end 💗💗💗💗

  • Thanks 💜 :)