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Hydroxycarbamide and LDN


I was taking LDN to help with Hashimoto’s and digestive issues for some years. My digestive “issues” turned out to be adhesions and I had emergency surgery in June 2018, removing over half my small intestines, terminal ileum, and a part of my large bowel. I stopped taking LDN just prior to this because each time I was admitted to hospital, I was being treated with morphine. Last year, I was diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythemia, for which I am taking Hydroxycarbamide (1000 mg daily, continuously). I want to start LDN again. Does anyone have knowledge of any possible interactions between these two? I am also taking multi-vitamins, folic acid, high-dose Vitamin D, and low dose aspirin each day (all on prescription). Thank you so much for reading and for any help you can offer.

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very specific question so you got 0 replays. All I can say is that ldn does affect not directly but does affect gastro sys. My suggestion if you were to go back on it, get sublingual ldn maybe,



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