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Ultra LDN and Oxycodone together

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I was just prescribe Ultra LDN by my ME/CFS doctor. I am also on daily low dosage of Oxycodone (total 30 mg per day, 15 mg slow release and 15 mg quick release). I haven't started Ultra LDN yet as I am worried about side effects while taking it together with Oxy. Has anybody got any experience on this? How and when should I take my Ultra LDN dosage.? Thank you

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Generally, we highly recommend working with a doctor who has experience with ULDN. If that's not possible, your pharmacist should be a great resource.

While you wait for other's to chime in with their experiences, here's a link to the Trust's website information on ULDN, including interviews with doctors:


I wish you the best and hope this helps!


Thank You Michelle, my doctor is specialized for ME/CFS research and very knowledgeable about LDN treatments. However, all the extra information is always welcome. Seems to be lots of trial and error in terms of dosage.

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One of the nice things about compounded medications is they can be tailored for the individual. Most of us express our disease in different ways while also sharing similarities, why would a standard dose of medication work for all? It's different than what we're used to in western medicine, though.

I really appreciate being able to change doses as my body's needs change, with my doctors' approval. Over the 4 years I've been taking LDN the dose has had to be adjusted a couple of times. It was frustrating in the beginning, but the journey was worth it.


Naltrexone blocks Oxycodone's action. Naloxone, an injectable form of naltrexone is what they give to save you from overdose. A 30 mg of Oxy is not a low dose and that drug is extremely addicting. As a matter of fact 40mg and up is recommended for people that have developed a tolerance (addiction) to the drug. That stuff destroys lives and Naltrexone restores lives. They are literally opposites.

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aredtigressAdministrator in reply to brooks1

brooks 1,

Ultra Low Dose Naltrexone is for those who are still on opiate pain meds and want to start LDN. Ultimately, many who start with ULDN will stop the opiates and titrate up to LDN.


Michelle, Indeed and there are some recent research findings how Ultra LDN and Opiods are successfully working together in pain reduction. Especially in Fibromyalgia.


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