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Taking Tramadol with LDN for ME/ CFS and Fibromyalgia.

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Morning All!

I just started on 0.5 LDN this week. I have ME/ CFS, Fibromyalgia and I'm Hypothyroid (so taking T4 Levothryoxine and T3 Liothyronine)

LDN makes me feel nauseous the minute I take it, and the nausea sticks around for fifteen minutes or so, but I'm already sleeping better and am looking forward to seeing more positive results as time ticks by.

Unfortunately, every month in the ten days leading up to my period the chronic pain in my arms and legs becomes unbearable, and I rely on Tramadol to help me sleep through the night.

From my understanding of the various articles and threads I've read online, it's possible to take Tramadol with LDN as it's not strictly opiate medication.

In fact, I've read that many people take Tramadol successfully whilst on LDN. This is heartening, as for ten days a month I can't live without Tramadol!

I've been taking the LDN just before I go to bed at night.

I also usually take Tramadol at night to sleep through the pain (I hate the zoned-out feeling of being doped-up during the day).

My question is; How do I take the LDN and Tramadol together?

Do I need to take any special precautions - ie; do they need to be taken an hour apart or anything like that?

Many thanks from a very sore Abi!

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Hi Abi,

I suggest you try using Natural Progesterone cream; there's plenty of information on it online. It might help with the pain getting worse pre-menstrually.


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Thanks Cesca,

Can I get that OTC or do I have to get a prescription from my GP?


...And as it's a hormone, will it affect my periods at all?

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If you're in the U.S., it's OTC at any pharmacy and most supermarkets; if in the UK, you can mail order. I strongly suggest you read up on it first, just so you're making an informed decision -- but it's about the safest thing you can take, and can only do you good.

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Thanks Cesca. In the UK and 41 so not menopausal yet (tho prob approaching perimenopause!) but useful to suss out these things.

Thanks Lady :-)

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From the LDN Book, retired pharmacist Skip Lenz " I have long recommended that patients who must take pain medication consider Tramadol, which is not an opiate, but works on similar receptors. The only problem can be with the amount of Tramadol you take over a period of a day. Large amounts - that is, over 300 mg per day - have been reported to be problematic, but to my knowledge, lower doses (50 mg taken two or three time a day) have not presented any problems for patients while they are on LDN.

(He also recommends fast release Tramadol - not SL - slow release or EL - extended release.


Perfect: I have fast-release 50mg Tramadol tabs.

So I'll take one an hour before bedtime, and take my LDN as always immediately before I climb into bed.

Thank you so much Michelle! That really helped.


Hi Abi,

Is this working ok for you? The tramadol and LDN within an hour of each other? I would like to take both for my pain but get conflicting info as well. Thanks.


Yes, thankfully I haven't noticed any difference at all when I take LDN and Tramadol in the same evening. Even took them within ten minutes of each other and it seemed fine!

That said, LDN makes me feel nauseous almost the moment it hits my mouth, so I probably wouldn't even notice if there were some sort of interreaction there.

Let me know how you get on, and good luck!

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My doctor refused to prescribe Tramadol along with LDN. (However, I am super sensitive to all drugs, allergic to many.)

awesome. i just took 50 mg tramadol at 2 am, tho i usually take 150 mg. and i take my LDN around 10 am. my ME doc told me to take codeine instead as it has a shorter half-life, but i only found tramadol without getting up :)

Thanks for letting know. I am only on day 5 of the LDN and have taken a small dose of tramadol but have separated them by about 8 hours. But I'd like the option of taking closer together, especially since I need the pain relief of the tramadol while I wait to see if the LDN works. - Thanks again and good luck with it! (I also have FM/ME and chronic pain in my leg. Can only hope this works. I'm on 4.5mg LDN.)

Oh my you sound just like me! It's nice to not feel alone. I found this page by googling that very question. I just started LDN today and had the nausea I immediately like you said. I felt horrible at first in many ways. I have 2 tramadol twice a day and from what In reading it may me good to take LDN a few hrs separate. Tramadol affects me like caffiene which I like because of the fatigue I deal with. I hope you feel better. I'm excited after 8 years to finally start a new treatment. I am tired of functioning so broken. I feel trapped in my body and isolated in the middle of everyone. Nobody sees into my world of pain because I look normal. God bless you

what I understand is to not take the LDN within 6 hours of Tramadol. so if taking LDN at bedtime, take the Tramadol in morning, for example

from all doctor's reports I have read you can take pain medication (yes - even small amounts of opiodes), but you must wait at least 6 hours from the time you took your LDN - 8 would be better but the doctors reports said 6 minimum....

LDN has a short half life. I don't know about Tramadol specifically, but if you take anything 12 hours away from LDN you should be right. Why don't you try taking LDN in the morning instead? It may still help with your sleep! If I take it in the evening I'm tired out the next day as I have so many vivid dreams that I don't feel like I slept at all. Hopefully, once you go up and find the right dose of LDN you are not going to need pain medication anymore....

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