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LDN for Hashimotos & Other Autoimmune Issues

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Hello. I just joined HealthUnlocked today. I started LDN 3 weeks ago. Two weeks at 1. 5mg and one week so far at 3mg. I can't say that I'm seeing anything significant yet. My doctor just prescribed 3 mg for another 60 days. I was kind of surprised because I assumed I would work up to 4.5mg shortly. My thyroid was found to be high when I was 22 years old. The doctor told me then that my immune system was attacking my thyroid and that nothing could be done. He said eventually my thyroid would burn out and I'd be put on medication. When I was about 30, my thyroid was found to be low and I was put on Synthroid. The doctor was hopeful this would help me with my migraine headaches, my achy legs and my general fatigue. I saw absolutely no difference. I'm 42 years old now. Two years ago, I began having chronic low-grade fevers and extreme fatigue to the point that I was non-functioning. After finally finding an integrative doctor of osteopathy, I've been slowly getting better. However, my life is still greatly compromised by pain all over my body in random places, brain fog, muscle weakness and fatigue. After two years, though, I am finally having more good days than bad days. I'm currently being treated for parasites, but there also seems to be more autoimmune stuff going on. The doctor suspects lupus, but I need more blood testing in order to confirm. His opinion is that it doesn't really matter what autoimmune diseases I have, they are all treated the same: diet changes, lifestyle changes balancing hormones, healing leaky gut, and, now I'm trying LDN. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm certainly open to hearing them! I'm glad I found this forum, I live alone, and the bad days can be very bad when I'm unable to take care of myself.

Blessings to you all.

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Sure sounds like lupus to me, I don't have a lupus diagnosis yet, but know I have it, by symptoms and butterfly rash on face, that's the symptom that tells you it's lupus for sure. I don't know of anything to help the fatigue, that's my worst symptom. If you have joints being attacked, I take 3300 mgs ginger a day split to am and pm, ginger saved my joints from permanent damage. I also take 500 to 100 mgs L lysine for connective tissue in joints. Good luck friend...

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MtnClimber in reply to Mari1956

Those ade good recommendations. Thank you!

Hi and God Bless you! I too have suffered from Hashimotos for last 23 years and boy, what a journey it has been from dr to dr to dr. I am now seeing a homeopathic dr who put me on LDN about 18 months ago and helping a lot with fatigue and psychological issues I was having. I would suggest you get in touch with Isabella Wentz, Pharmacist who healed her own Hashimotos by finding root cause and now author: "Healing Hashimotos". I took her class and helped me tremendously. Also, she has a Facebook Group called "Root Cause Rebels".

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Thank you so much for your reply and encouragement. I am familiar with Isabella Wentz. I haven't read the book, but I've read a lot of her articles and watched several siminars. I'm really trying to heal my gut and get on the Anit-inflammatory Diet. I've been slowly gathering ingredients and grying recipes. It's just so difficult to maintain when living alone and feeling so poorly. My big challenge is that my energh goes into making a living and there's not usually much left aftdr that. I finally broke over and try the LDN hoping that it will make me feel better so that I can shop and cook more the anti-inflammatory, gut Healing Way. I'm happy to hear that LDN has given you some relief!

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Treating Thyroid is a delicate balance, LDN is just one of the tools. Many patients have to adjust Thyroid medications several times while on LDN.

Your doctor is correct in that many of the autoimmune diseases share common symptoms, diet and supplements along with LDN are usually used for all of us.

I have Fibromyalgia with an over-performing Thyroid, stayed at 3 mg for a year, then went down to 2.25mg. It's not the number, it's how you feel and how your symptoms are managed. It took 4 months for me to see results, patience is key. One patient told me this is a journey, not a race :)

You can always go to the Trust's website and listen to testimonials and doctor/pharmacist interviews. Here's a link to the page, type your condition into the searchbar for results: ldnresearchtrust.org/ldn-vi...


Thank you, Michelle. 😊

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Raali in reply to aredtigress

Hi there I wanted to ask whether you have brain fog along with your over active thyroid. It is quite bad for me at the moment. Also how do you feel now?

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Brain Fog is a symptom of both Thyroid issues, Fibro and Chronic pain. Since I have all three, and one isn't helped by LDN (chronic pain is from an injury), I still deal with it. It's not as bad as it has been in the past, so I figure the chronic pain and age are now contributing.


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MtnClimber in reply to Raali

I did have very terrible brain fog. After starting the LDN, it took a few months, but that improved. I was just recently treated for SIBO, and after that, my brain fog and function improved drastically! I'd have to say that I feel like now my brain functions even better than my body!

Same! Until I threw out the Armor Thyroid I’d been on for 19 years, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 2.5 years later, and started LDN. Worked my way up from .5 February 2017 to 4.5 8 months later. I can honestly and gratefully say I’m 70% better, meaning my bad days are far far fewer, I sleep finally on a regular basis, and all symptoms have drastically diminished. I never thought until the 8 month mark that the LDN miracle would happen for me, but it did! ... I suggest stay the course, be patient, and reach out often.

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