Ldn restores life

Spring of 1998, my car was hit by a 32 tonne bulk carrier farmers truck and this marked the beginning of my battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Initially I ignored it, disbelieving what doctors were telling me and avoiding the pharmaceuticals drugs completely. That is until the birth of my son, when I developed a severe intention tremor and struggled to even feed myself. At that point, I accepted the NHS offer of Beta Blockers (Propanolol) and an epilepsy medication (Primidone). Nothing truly helped and I haven’t been near a kitchen knife since. As predicted, the attacks grew, taking more and more abilities from me that I had always taken for granted.

In 2013, I heard through the social networking site Facebook, of the existence of Ldn and its unmatched opportunities to improve the course and impact of disease. Not only was I shocked that it existed, I couldn’t believe it was such a secret when it literally offered life. Being a political creature by education, I was initially struck with the huge success stories and it’s unavailability through the NHS. This is a safe and cheap drug that tackles over 170 auto-immune diseases, it is no cure but it does restore life and considering where science is with the whole auto-immune dilemma, there are millions who could and would be helped.

In a year taking 3mg of Low Dose Naltrexone, the attacks stopped but existing symptoms remained as troublesome as ever. I decided that not continuing to decline was enough to be grateful for but 2 weeks ago I cut Tobacco out and within days, I was walking again. It occurred to me that removing the toxin which may have been instrumental in the diseases development, could lead to some recovery too. These assumptions and I’m sure I’m not alone, are things that require research. To this end, I am committed.

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  • Wow, very good story and thank you so much for sharing :) Would you be willing to be interviewed over the phone for your YouTube Channel? Or do I know you under another name ;)

    Take Care


  • Ha ha, you know me very well.

  • I too decided not to decline anymore, I know that there is no cure.But NDL is working for me combined with a fitness regeem. I m trying to take Calderdale to court at the momment because by ignoring me in 2012 I had a fall and broke every bone in my left arm it is irrepararable but the doctors say it was my fault. I really dont think so MS suffers are ignored doctors do not listen to what we say I take LDN now because I wont a quality of life.

  • It is sad but we are not listened to, almost like we don't matter anymore. MS is not a plague and I'm willing to bet it's because of the top 10% that we are sick in the first place.

  • I've had MS for 42 years and a mere fender bender (slight car accident) in 2000 made everything much worse. I try all the alternatives. Chiropractic, acupuncture, diet - both gluten free, and now, vegan. I do believe lynng but really? The doctor told you breaking every bone in your arm was your own fault??? I would have taken one of my broken bones and hit him over the head with it ;-)

  • 42 years, well done to you!

  • Kate I really would have hit him with a bone but I had none left in my arm or so they told me after the first operation on after the second one they gave up they is nothing they can do.

  • thanks Ktms you make me feel much better I thought that I had the record of twenty two years and still not accepting but you beat me hands down

  • I wrote a book about my experiences. The very weird thing is that the book that is often listed just below mine, Peace (haikus) was written by a friend who also has MS and has had it for a hundred years, too. If you go to my website: muddlingthroughms dot com, you will see a story early on about bumping into this woman on the day we each, unbeknownst to each other, had the book published!!!!

  • Fate is mysterious and the disease seems to inspire writing. Also written one, other soon to be finished. beingdennyjohnson.com

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