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New in here and learning the ropes!

Hi all. I've been working towards lchf eating for some time. I've been a fan of Zoe Harcombe and followed her eating plan on and off when I don't fall foul of the demon sugar!  Realised now that even simpler is the lchf way of eating. Also found the dietdoctors website and already done 2 recipes. Please share how low carb you go and what effect this has on tour energy/weight . Thank you. 

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Hi and welcome Lynette :)

I think the best thing I can do, is to give you the link to my weight loss thread :)


I hope this answers your questions, but if not, shout out again :)

All the best :)

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Yes, that's the thing, it is a return to the way we used to eat. When the high carb thing first started my dad shook his head and said" my grandfather ate fatty meats, dripping, fatty bacon and eggs full fat raw milk butter etc and he was never overweight and lived a long healthy life. I dint understand!" He was right. It's all been a big con. For the benefit of the food manufacturers. We counted all the ads for rubbish foods on to tonight. Nearly 2/3 of ads were for non-food foods!  I remember when there were ads for meat, fruit and veg, milk, eggs! You never see that nowadays! 

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Prabhuraman in the other forum is a pure vegetarian hitting Ketosis

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