Temptation is ringing my bell

Hi Everyone, I'm Amanda I've not long got home from work and I'm trying my hardest to not give into my temptations..... So I'm posting this as a way of distracting myself away from chocolate! I'm going to brush my teeth and then empty my cupboards of unhealthy goodies to give away tomorrow to work colleagues n friends 🤗 That's my plan anyway 

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  • Good for you Amanda, that sounds like a great plan :)

    Keep the faith, it'll be so worth it! :)

  • Thank you for your support, it's really appreciated! Today with the sun shining and everyone making plans to cut their lawn suggested summer was only around the corner. That was a real wake up call telling me I need to continue with my weight loss plans or i'd be reluctantly changing from safe jumpers and cardigans into short sleeved tops.... I won't be able to hide my sins of over indulgence of the winter months! 😊 I do intend to work hard at planing to succeed. The aim is 80%.... 

  • You can do it, LCHF is by far the easiest eating plan that I've ever done and once you get past the cravings, it's all plain sailing. You'll be in your bikini before you know it! ;)

  • So how far from your goal?

    Asking as you had been losing weight at a very rapid clip.

  • Oh my Anup, I'm still a long way off - another 4st! The weight loss has slowed down now, so I shall just keep chugging along :)

  • No worries. Hitting a plateau is common. Then starts the next part -- LCHF+Intermittent Fasting. Or, maybe try Zumba once weight decline stalls. Zumba also works:

  • I've been doing the intermittent fasting all along and would love to do zumba, but I have two left feet and no rhythm ;)

  • But, 4 st is peanuts compared to what you have lost and I am sure you will be able to reach yr goal.

  • I shall definitely get there, but at a slower pace than I have been so far :)

    How is your weight loss going Anup, have you lost everything you wanted to?

  • Not yet because I am on "Quit Smoking" attempt and that does cause weight gain a bit. Will be hitting a month of smoke free life (down from 20 sticks a day) in another 3 days. :)

    But, doing weights to make sure that weight gain is not much of fat.

  • Good for you! I quit smoking at the same time as starting the LCHF, so no cancer sticks for 7 months now :)

  • Brilliant!

    I smoked for 27 years before giving up in Nov 2010 for 40 months and then started again. Post 2 years of relapse, giving up again :)

  • I'm hoping that this will be my last time. I gave up for both of my pregnancies, then for 6 years! How stupid am I??!! :o

    Have you joined the quit smoking community?

  • Nope on QS community.

    I have found that a method that works great is -- Cold Turkey

    3 to 5 days of initial pain. Then kinks start ironing out and all it needs is just a bit of will power. Three months and all the urge to smoke fades off.

  • I went cold turkey too, but just recently have really been craving a cigarette, which is really bizarre, as I haven't been bothered about them up to now!

  • I'm so impressed at the motivation of so many members working towards their goals. I've lost 2 stones and have another stone to go. I'm going at a slower pace some days and doing better on other days! When I plan for the day I tend to do better and stay a bit more focused! I'm going to be using this forum to keep me motivated that's for sure! ☺️

  • I would say planning is key to success Amanda and the support from other members is vital for motivation snd inspiration. I know I couldn't have achieved what I have without the community :)

  • Keep chipping at it soone youl make it well worth the effort

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