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Welcome all LCHF diet enthusiasts,

Please make yourselves at home here. We hope this will be a fun, supportive space for you to share your experiences and ask questions- so get started!

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Hello, I am new to the LCHF community. I have been following the nhs 12 week plan and it is going well for me, losing 20lbs in 8 weeks but i have been considering LCHF for a while and decided to start it on Monday :-) I am now 16st 6lbs, 6ft tall and my waist measurement is 45 inches so I am hoping this will reduce by following a low carb approach. Also my partner has been told she is "borderline diabetic" and although not over weight she is carrying a lot of weight around her middle, she eats lots of carbs so hopefully she will also embrace low carb eating.

A couple of questions to those of you who have been lchf for a while:

1. Do I still calorie count, keeping to the recommended levels set by the BMI calculator?

2. What about grams of fat per day? Should i have a limit to this?

Thank you in anticipation - John


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