The ITP Support Association do have a booklet available called ITP and Pregnancy which may be ordered from ITP Support Association HQ via the following link...

Also at the ITP Support Association annual convention on April 20th next year we have one of our guest speakers Dr Will Lester from Birmingham University Hospital doing a presentation on ITP in pregnancy and the newborn baby. The Convention will be held at the Chateau Impney Hotel, Droitwich. For full details or to order tickets for the annual convention you can do so by email at and provide your full name, ful address, email and phone contact details. Tickets cost £15 for ITP Support Association members and their partners and £20 for non members.

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    This is our closed discussion group on Facebook. We are a small group of women who have ITP. We are either pregnant or have gone through a pregancy with ITP. We are new mothers or vetern mothers who share our experiences openly and honestly in order to help and guide one another to answer question and help remove fear. We are closed group because our experiences are personal and private yet we wanted to develop a community of women who would share and support our journey through pregnancy and beyond understanding ITP. Please join us if you feel this is the type of community that could benefit from joining as well help others by sharing your journey through ITP-In Pregnancy. Porcher K Scott

  • Upon my research to find a corralation of my migraines and my ITP, I have come across link between ITP, APLAS and Pregnancy. Please refer to the follow link: bloodjournal.hematologylibr...

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