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As we are attracting new followers all the time to our social network platforms just a general reminder that although our Facebook, TWITTER, HealthUnlocked, LinkedIn and Flickr platforms are all available to members and non members of the ITP Support Association it does not mean that if you join or follow any of these platforms that you automatically become a MEMBER of the ITP Support Association.

By joining and becoming a member of the ITP Support Association you will receive our regular quarterly magazine The Platelet and be entitled to receive our many information leaflets. Members are also entitled to a discounted ticket price to attend our annual convention and have access to many other benefits. To become a member of the ITP Support Association please go to the website and follow the instructions on how to join via the following link....

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I have had a liver transplant nearly 2 years ago and my liver function is going well with no sign of rejection. 2 months ago I was diagnosed with itp following a platelet count of <5. I have had 2 infusions of platelets - no increase in count. This was followed by 2*1900 ml infusions of immunoglobulin which raised the count to 16. However this fell back to <5 again. I am now on a steroid ( prednisolone) 60 mg/day but this has also been of no use and am presently being weened off this medication. Does anyone think that a return to immunoglobulin for a second try at a longer dose could be of use,it was the only thing, so far, to have produced some kind of reaction. In addition I have been told that my final solution could be a spleenectomy. Does anyone have a view as to the success rate of this operation?


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