dont know what to do for the best

my daughter is now 13,always had bruising,bleeding joint problems,started playing football for a team,bruising got a lot worse,platelet level dropped lowest 47 but apparentl not low enough to explain the bruising.wish i had done more when she was younger,she was under paedratrician for a while re co ordination.overall she has been alright,except for ibs tyype problem ,unable to bend neck properly,knockkneed,its in the family.she has been acused of been lazy,because she has always got very fatigued,she seems ok yet the bruising isnt normal,only have to touch her she bruises,feel I should have pushed for diagnosis earlier,everything up in the air ,any one the same?

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  • Hi hypermobilecat - fatigue is a common symptom of ITP. Before ITP was diagnosed I was often told that there was something wrong with me because I was tired all the time. It is a fact of life that you grow accustomed to. You will find that everything will continue to be up in the air. There is no sure fire treatment for ITP. NickyD

  • Hi Hypermobilecat - when diagnosed I was always told "no contact sports" which I know will be frustrating for her but it will lessen the bruises. Don't blame yourself - its a tricky thing ITP. Best wishes Heather

  • Extreme tiredness was always a bit of a warning sign for us that my son's count was about to drop, avoiding sport is not always practical with a teenager but we always had a direct access/contact number for treatment if required. I would advise you seek the advise of a consultant with a specific interest in ITP (a centre of excellence).

  • thank you all for your replies,much appreciated.

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