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What do I do any thought please : )))


Hi,my dilemma I am due to go on holiday in May only 3 hour flight my platelets bob up down never higher than 60 not too bothered but I have random nose bleeds sometimes lasting 30 mins off an on and bruising plus the purpura popping up not too much though my hematologist said I would be OK the cabin pressure could be a problem ( in case of a nose bleed ) and its a grey area do,s donts I want to go my partner says no he would not be able to relax :/((( don't want this illness to stop me going on holiday booked it 9 months ago I have seen information about flying and itp and I know its a individual choice my choice I want to go on holiday any thoughts please :))))

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Haven't heard at all about flying being a problem

Topography52_- in reply to dede7

It may be because of the cabin pressure on the plane and I have a nose bleed.

My goal is to maintain a count of 50K, no bruising i.e. bleeding, are you on Nplate? if so when was your last injection? Air travel has no effect on platelets, your spleen destroys platelets, blood loss decreased counts as platelets are used to stop bleeding. Go on your trip have fun, you'll be fine. Try to avoid dangerous activities such as sky diving, motorcycles, driving a Porsche @ 100 miles per hour and you WILL BE FINE:) kyriak51

Ha ha no plans of doing any those activities just chilling I am on no meds just weekly bloods monitoring as in my first post I do bruise and randomly bleed from my nose .

Hi topography52, it's kyriak51 again, I had forgotten that we have connected before. Regarding air travel: the only time advise against air travel is for women who are pregnant in late second and early third trimester as cabin pressure can have an effect on the premature rupture of the "bag of water" and an unplaned delivery of the baby on the flight. Airlines require a doctors note approving air travel for someone during that time frame. The other side effect of a prolonged flight in cramped conditions is a blood clot in lower extremities which can travel to the lungs and cause death. I generally I recommend support stockings and frequent movement during the flight Have a great holiday:)))

I have extra leg room at a price just as well really : )))))

I've flown three times in the past 6 months, and my count isn't above 45. It's fine. I flew to Oman which is long haul last year and had no problems.

Make sure you tell insurance you have ITP. (I recently went italy, with counts of 60 ish -not expensive insurance) take towel etc for possible nosebleed. Where are you going? hospitals etc ok if you did need admitting. Enjoy x

Have my insurance at the ready stating I have itp unfortunately the part of Greece I am going to nearest hospital a ferry ride away I honestly want to go away and chill I just think my other half is being a tad over cautious which may I add is not a bad thing :) I think it is the nose bleed if I am on the plane flying and I have a perforated eardrum which always causes pain .... my full holiday payment is due tomorrow :)))) why I need information .

Have just come out in the purpura rash on my eyebrow and very slight on my legs some bruising also: (((

I have never been told not to fly, my platelet count is never above 40. If it was a long flight then of course you would not want to be uncomfortable, but I would definitely not let a 3 hour flight stop me from going on holiday. I really don't understand why the pressure in a cabin would cause too much problems, but then again I am not a doctor.

Think it is because I have random nose bleeds

I would be more concerned that the place you were holidaying had a really good hospital and that you were not a long way away from it in case of emergency. I think for 3 hours on a plane you will be just fine. Even if you did have a nosebleed, the same thing can happen whilst sitting at home, just be prepared for if it happens so you are all comfortable on the plane, and the chances of it happening in that 3 hour flight are quite slim, even if the air pressure is slightly different.

Try and not sneeze or blow your nose on the plane. I was reading too about a woman who's count was under 30 and often did longer flights on business with no issues.

I completely agree but my other half is a worry wart :) the hospital is a ferry ride away only a pharmacy .... I am of the attitude what will be will be .. Thank you : ))

My son flies with platelets around 60 and has been fine.

:). So glad to see such spirit . Few people with ITP take trexaminic acid before flying. Thats what doc suggested us whille flying with our daughter who had 18 k platelets that time.

Thank you when I first got diagnosed believe me I was low in spirit now I have my head around itp it is not too bad when you know do,s don't,s and it is still a learning curve this site has has helped so much .... why I ask about flying as I know the answer is out there I am not too bothered about my platelets just about the nose bleeding if one should occur mid flight now I know take lots towels : )))).


I have had ITP for many many years and my count fluctuates between 40 and 100 - usually around the 70 mark.. Fortunately I only get the bruising and rash without the nosebleeds. However it doesn't stop me flying - journeys from 3-5 hours haven't caused me any extra issues.

I always ensure that my insurers know of the condition although again I am fortunate not to take medication regularly as my ITP is monitored by myself, my GP and when necessary the Haemotology unit at my local hospital.

I do carry emergency cards as well so if I did have to go to hospital they would be aware of the ITP. I got these from the ITP Support Association.

Obviously we are all different and our dodgy blood reacts in different ways to different situations so I can't offer any real advise but just thought I'd pass on my experience.

Hope it helps 😊

And it all helps : ) as mentioned I am not too worried about platelets in case I have a nose bleed mid air plus I am bruising much more it is all the uncertainty of itp fear of the unknown hey ho .... of to pay my holiday : ))))

I will be below 20k mostly and I fly 12 to 14 hrs in a stretch. After flight or after any kind of travel, my bruises will double and I feel my count drops. I dont know the exact reason, may be tiredness or lack of sleep or food changes or weather fluctuations but it's all okay. When you want something, we may have to pay in this way too is what i feel.. My better half also gets sick seeing too many bruises after every trip. But its all inevitable for us. :)

But I don't think specially flight travel would cause anything in perticular, except bruises and light nose bleeding/burning, I will be fine.

I have just booked my holiday woop woop so all systems go : )))

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