Cupping has made a massive bruise!

Cupping has made a massive bruise!

Hi guys never posted on here before but here goes...just wondering if any of you have had real bad bruising from cupping? I had acupuncture and a massage for my bad back but at the end of the massage she put suction cups on my back ( I didn't know she was going to use them because I would of said no ) they were only on my skin about 30 seconds before she took them off now I'm left with painful bruises. Just wondered if I will need to see my doc or of it will be ok?


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  • They will go over time

    I have regular acupuncture, but have discussed my ITP with the lady who does me, so she knows never to cup

    Lots of people without ITP will bruise after cupping.

    Good luck!

  • You must always tell a therapist that you are more likely to bruise than anyone else, it doesn't mean they have to be gentle, it just means you both have to 'be aware'. I would say those cups are not a good idea for someone with ITP. Having said that, as ITP goes I would say that is not tooooooo bad. If they started to get bigger than the original circles then I would be more concerned, remember none clotting blood is a liquid which will move downwards, so if they started to 'leak out of the circle', downwards then I would be on the phone to the Drs to. ask for a blood count.

  • I read about somebody having had this same experience who had ITP on another forum. If i remember rightly they decided they wouldnt have the cupping again. Do you know if your counts are ok at the moment? I would imagine even a non ITP sufferer might bruise from cupping but I am only guessing. And ITP sufferers also tend to bruise more easily even with ok counts, I have bruised really noticably at 64k. I would guess main thing is to check your counts are ok and if you're worried best consult your doctor. Good luck, hope all will be well and bruising clears up quickly, best wishes :)

  • I have seen people without ITP respond this way to cupping. As uou said it might be beyter to avoid it in the future of your counts are not in normal range.

  • Thanks for your replys. I deffinately won't be having cupping done again lol! Bruising is getting more purple everyday it's just very painful to touch

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