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Don`t forget to tell your specialist

Don`t forget to tell your specialist

A reminder that if you are taking any drugs for any other medical condition(s) apart from your ITP, please make sure that you tell the doctor or specialist who is treating you for your ITP what you are taking and what the condition is. It is vital that you tell your doctor or specialist everything that you are taking as some drugs may adversely impact on your ITP and any treatments you take for your ITP. This may seem very obvious advice but we have had cases where ITP sufferers have not told their specialist about medications they have been taking for other conditions which have adversely impacted on their ITP . Also make sure that you inform your dentist about your ITP and any drugs you are taking for your ITP. Do also advise your dentist of any other medical conditions and drugs being taken . This all sounds obvious but it is important

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It is also a good idea that if you are prescribed a medication after being diagnosed with ITP to check it out with your specialist. I was given a medicine for a rash and noticed in the information sheet that came with it that it can have adverse effects with people suffering from immune system disorders. Between my GP, hematologist and myself, we decided it was necessary for me to take the new medication and get CBCs to check on the platelet count.


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