New Blog Spot

New Blog Spot

A new blog spot has been created for all those with any interest in ITP. The blog has been established by Greta Burroughs who is a regular contributor to this forum. Follow the link......

and please do join in. You can also read Greta`s own full and frank account of her battle with ITP in her book Heartaches and Miracles.

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  • I have read Greta Burroughs book, Heartaches and Miracles, I found it to be a truly honest and open account of living with I.T.P, overwhelming in part, as I could relate to so much of It. Thankyou to Greta for delivering such an amazing account of I.T.P, from someone who actually lives.

  • You are welcome, teddyeddy. I am so glad you could relate to my story.

    I would greatly appreciate anyone's input on the blog - your story, poem, artwork, etc. The blog is for us - ITPers, parents, caregivers, everyone. Thank you!!

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