Rare Disease Day tomorrow 29th February

Rare Disease Day tomorrow 29th February

The ITP Support Association are delighted to support International Rare Disease Day and you can follow all the events that are taking place by following rarediseaseday.org.

We are delighted to be an official "friend" of Rare Disease Day rarediseaseday.org/friends_... .

I will be attending the Rare Disease Day event at Royal Holloway University in Egham, Surrey tomorrow and will feed back all the information and hopefully some pictures from the programme.

Remember that as ITP/Rare Disease patients we are....RARE BUT STRONG TOGETHER !!!!!!

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  • Looking forward to hearing about your day in Egham.

  • Had a very interesting day at the Royal Holloway University Rare Disease Day. It was the biggest event in the UK for Rare Disease Day and I will write up a full report of the event in the next few days. Plenty of really useful feedback from other charities who were represented at the event . The day was made even more interesting as the venue is one of the best examples of late Victorian Gothic revival architecture, so just to get a close up view of it was a treat in itself. Report and pictures to follow .

  • Oh shame. I'd like to have attended that day. Do they only hold it every four years or might there be another next year?

  • Rare Disease Day is always held on the last day of February every year. The Royal Holloway University have held a Rare Disease Day event for the last two years to mark Rare Disease Day and it is likely that they will run the event again next year as it was very well attended and was the biggest event in the UK to mark Rare Disease Day 2012. We will provide details of 2013 event as soon as we have any information.

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