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Please Complete our Convention Survey

Please Complete our Convention Survey


It would be really helpful if you could spare 2 minutes to complete our survey. Whether or not you attended our recent ITP Support Association Convention or have attended one of our annual conventions in the past, we are very interested in getting some feedback on what people might want us to do at our future annual conventions. Like everything we try to do, we like to make sure that it is being driven by our members, followers and ITP patients. So please do complete our very short survey at the following link..... . It will be available for the next month. Thank you ! Your opinions and thoughts are much valued.

If you are completing the survey as a parent of a child with ITP please just type the child's date of birth in the appropriate box and add a note on the comments box that you are a parent of a child with ITP.

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Survey question, 1. In which year were you diagnosed with ITP?

My answer 1982, Survey response, The comment you entered is in an invalid format. Why????

Survey Question, 2. How many ITP Support Association Patient Conventions have you attended?

My answer None,

Survey response, The comment you entered is in an invalid format.

Why, I suggest that somebody hires a real survey team.


Many apologies that you have had problems responding to the survey. We've had over 150 responses in 3 days and we haven't had any other comments about being unable to complete the survey.

I've sent your comments to ITP Support Association HQ to see if they have had any other problems fed back to them. Thank you for trying to take part. Sorry it did not work for you when you tried to complete it. I completed the survey myself in about 30 seconds without problems so I'm not sure why it would be declining your answers.

Just One thing to note... We would not hire or pay for what you suggest is a real survey team, simply because we are a very small charity, run on very tight budgets, largely by volunteers . Sadly we do not have the funds or resources to hire a real survey team, it would be nice if we could.


I was not implying that you or your team were at fault.


We have now had over 160 survey responses with no issues?

The company we have used is Survey Monkey which is used by thousands of charities and organisations around the world, again with no issues.

Thank you for your comments.


Just completed survey, no problem. Good idea

If your having problems try again. Corruption can occur very easily between connection points!


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