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The flu vaccination 2020


Hello everyone..

I've had itp for the past 16 years and have had lots of treatment over the years .. blood infusions.. steroids....drug trials

I never have had a flu vaccination... and now nurses at surgery are urging me to get one..?

Iv read this flu jab can cause lowering of the platelets even more..

At one time mine were only 9..

Then back up to 50..80..100 and recently 130... where it's stayed..

I'm a retired lady but I'm worried very much if it would be wise or not to get this year's flu jab...?

Can anyone please advise..?

Thank you.

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Hello janland,

You may find the following article useful/helpful -

janland in reply to Anthonyh7

Hello Anthonyh..

Thank you so much for that information re itp and flu vaccination...

I'm now booked in at local boots chemist in a few days..

I'll ask if it's an inactivated one..

I've never had a flu jab before...but I guess this year things are rather different aren't they..?

Thank you again..


Hi, my doctor told me NO to flu vaccination.

janland in reply to magone7

Hello.. thank you for replying..

I'd be very interested to know what reasons your doctor gave..?

I'm so stressed over thinking I should have it and well meaning friends saying I should...but I have a gut feeling..

Also.. "leave well alone..."

"If it's not broke " etc..

I can't afford to be ill over it..

There's no family to care for me etc..

Some gps aren't all that au fait with ITP although in the article above..(the link that Anthony h7 gave me).. it recommends that we can have the jab ..?

What do you think..

Thank you


LifeafterITP in reply to janland

I have had ITP for 6 years, I asked my haematologist 2 years ago if it was ok for me to have vaccinations for travel. His reply was absolutely yes, I had 5 different vaccinations on the same day at the travel clinic with no adverse effects. I had the flu vaccination and pneumococcal vaccination last year with no ill effects, am due to get this years flu tomorrow and will be first in the queue when an effective Covid 19 vaccine is available.

I think some people’s ITP is complicated with other conditions so it’s always best to check with your doctor. If your doctor says yes you should do it.

magone7 in reply to janland

yes, it's quite interesting. My family doctor said YES to vaccination but hematologist said NO. Because it is auto immune process in the body.

I think it depends on your therapy and condition. Here in Latvia the ITP therapy is quite primitive.

Sure, consult with your doctors.

GOD bless!

Hi Janland, I have had ITP for 4 years and always had the 'flu jab with no real impact on counts, the 'flu vacine uses an 'inert' (dead) virus and does not give you 'flu. I find my shoulder aches for a day after but nothing else.

This year I have been in remission for the last 8 months with bi-monthly counts ranging from 45 to 198; 2 weeks before 'flu jab count was 176, now 2 weeks after it is 299!!!!

Hope this helps.

Best, Ray

janland in reply to bruiser2017


Thank you very much for your reply..

It's very reassuring..

I've been told by some friends not to have it as it could make me ill.

One or two friends actually were ill..

I also read it can lower platelets....?

Which I didn't want to happen of course.. current level 130 I medication..but relapse 2 summers ago and hospital stay.... which I'm always afraid of..

G.P said I'd be ok..

So summing it all up... and never having the flu jab or any others before..

I went to have it done this morning..!!

In Boots...

I'm reassured by your words..but I guess it could be dependent on level of platelets at the time of the jab?

So I'm hoping for the best... wouldn't want to get flu at all....had it once when my child was 15 months old..ill for 3 weeks..

So far...arm feeling sore..

I'm not a young person now.. hopefully I've done the right thing.

Thank you so much.

Best wishes.

bruiser2017 in reply to janland


You are not alone being a 'not so young person', I won't see 75 again, closed my business and 'retired' 3 years ago to be a full time carer.

There are lots of myths and scare stories about the 'flu vaccine, but one thing is sure, it cannot give you the 'flu.

With a count of 130 you will have to drop to below 20-30'ish with bleeding symptoms before any clinical intervention would be appropriate or considered.

Why did you not get the jab at your GP's surgery? If you are over 50 GP should be providing.

Best, Ray

janland in reply to bruiser2017 answer your question re getting jab at gp..

I rang a couple of takes about 15 minutes to get through to a human.. only to be told...your too late for this batch...ring again next week...!

So rang boots...answered straight away..yes can do... when would you like it...?

So I chose a date... and it was booked... simple as that.

Much more straight forward..more courteous and modern approach I thought....

bruiser2017 in reply to janland

Sounds like a typical NHS scenario - tell everyone to have it then get GP surgeries to be as obstructive as possible. Pleased to hear that Boots were helpful.

In Scotland it totally different this year as GP surgeries are not handling the flu jabs. We got a letter inviting us to attend the local school last saturday morning at a set time. If that was not convenient it gave a number to call for a new appointment. We went along, joined a queue, there was 8 positions set up and a nurse checked our details and asked some health questions and gave us the jab. It was all very efficient and courteous. We were in and out in 15 mins.

janland in reply to LifeafterITP

Sounds very good to me and civilized..

I to am in Scotland I'm 66 yrs and going to GPs surgery this morning for flu jag

There is a move away from GP’s In Scotland giving the flu jabs in order to reduce their workload, instead it will be handled by Health Boards. Perhaps some GP’s in certain areas have opted to continue giving the jab.

janland in reply to LifeafterITP

Hi.. that's a good idea... freeing up GPs somewhat.. would have been a nurse who administers here in Cornwall..

But it's still a palarva....

Best wishes

janland in reply to bruiser2017

Yes.. you're absolutely right..

Glad to say..

All done now.

Best wishes.

Everyone is different. What works for one may not for another. I was dx with ITP in 2015. I'm now 58. My platelets dropped to 8. In 2017 I was dx with Alpha1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. It was recommended that I get Flu and Pneumonia vaccinations (platelets at that time anywhere from 30-60). I've had the Flu shot 3 years running, no problems. My platelets now stay anywhere from 30 to my now high of 112.

janland in reply to tgk62

Oh.. good to hear your platelets are going up...

In the beginning mine were only 9..

But over past couple of years have steadily increased for some reason..?

Were always usually well below 100..

It's good to hear also that flu jab didn't disagree with you...

Such a relief as I know some people do have problems.

Best wishes

I have had ITP for 20 years. I have been told I must always have the flu jab.

janland in reply to tree_shadow

Yes..I quite agree..

I've been told this also...but I've read in itp magazine and online that it could lower platelets...

I think catching a virus could as well.

We have to weigh it all up..

I think an inactivated jab is better.. for some people.. and also the level of our platelets at the time should be considered...(in my opinion)

Best wishes

tree_shadow in reply to janland

My understanding (in the UK at least) is that all jabs are inactivated. Only the kids (who get the nasal spray) dont get the inactivated.

Both ny hematologists recommended it without qualification. One is head of hemotology at Mass Gen research.

Interesting.. thank you.

I dont have a flu jab because I get flu every time I have a jab. I spoke to my Dr and he said not to bother with them, so I dont.

janland in reply to NickyD

Hi.. well..if that works for you... that's good..

I guess we all react differently.... also because each year the jab is against different strains of flu I think..

Absolutely. As you say we are all different.

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