i received a flu shot and within a week my platllets went from 39,soon 4 then 46. now im on 125 daily on prednizone(ugg). i was hospitalized for 3 days, given solumedrol,IVIG infusions, platelet infusions, now on out patient hemothologist office visits for monitoring the wining down of prednizone. Why arent all Drs informed what a flu shot can do to ITP patients. puzzled

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  • This appears to be one those cases where we are all different, and thus you will never know. It could have just been a coincidence or you met or passed by someone at the clinic who had some kind of infection.

    Speaking for myself I continue with the vaccinations.

    But also I have previously had coughs, colds or flu immediately after leaving the hospital or clinic. These places are naturally full of germs, on door handles and in the air we all breathe.

    For the majority of people the flu vaccination appears safe, but because of our blood disorder it only has about a 70% efficiency.

    See these links to additional information.


  • I have had a flu shot every year since I got ITP in 1995. I've never had the flu since, and don't want to either, as I would be ill for ages. The recommendation where I am is to have the flu jab annually, and a pneumonia jab as well, which should last for years.

  • I have only had the flu vaccination once and that year suffered two bad colds whereas I never suffer from colds even though I am mum to four children and worked in a playgroup, I seemed to have been immune. So I will always resist flu vaccination but we are all different.

  • I taught in a secondary school, saw 600+ kids a week in my classroom, and was often one of the few staff members not to call in sick with flu over the winter months. That's why I swear by the flu jab!

  • You are lucky, but part of my job in Education was phoning schools on behalf of specialist teachers phoning in sick and they always had the jab, couldn't understand why.

    Obviously Jose was affected, some people's immunities are better than others.

  • Wouldn't say I was lucky, and in my LEA in the UK, the teacher calls the school they work in direct to alert them to their absence, and then sends in the work for all their lessons that day. Many of my colleagues refused to have the flu jab, hence they were off, and I lost my free lessons to cover their teaching, so not lucky at all.

    Given my non existent immune system, the flu jab has worked for me for 21 years, and I haven't bothered to get a count done having had the jab this week.

  • Specialist teachers - not the same as school teachers.

  • Do you mean the peripatetic music bods then? We have teachers, or supply teachers, and secondary teachers ARE specialists in their subjects!

  • No - SENSS, Educational psychologists and departments for special needs in up to 6 schools a day. Conversation now closed, strayed off the subject.

  • Hello there, I had the flu jab this year for the first time. As I had pneumonia,last year and had to go in hospital, so I though I would try it. My platelets are low 3 to 5 . After the jab I felt fine but two weeks later had bad cold , and keep feeling really hot, I then got about 10 large blood blisters in my mouth and felt really ill. I had to take 60 mg (12 tablet) prednizone ,for 5 days then reduce amount over 2 weeks. It took me a good 3 week to fill better. I dont think I would bother with it next year. Hope you fill better, I suppose we all react different to things.

  • Thats when i noticed something different, in mouth. on Weds a received one large blister on left cheek, thinking i must have bit my jaw, then Sat morning i saw two more on tongue. then when i realized I must have an ITP flare up. i called Dr and he sent me to hospital for blood count. He said "You might have to be admitted. " i told him i had already packed and was getting a ride there. This is my third serious bout with it. i stay on normal ranges because they keep me on doses of prednisone for other aotuimume disorders . i have been dianozed with chronic asthma, bronquitis, copd, sarcoidosis,scarring in lungs,tiligium iffubian, IPT, eye jhogren,arthritis, CKD, Hypogammaglobulinemia,elevated liver enzymes,hypertension,AKI,iga defiency,bronchopneumonia ,to name a few . For most of these prednizone is the quick fix. I have 4 chronic family members presently with chronic ITP, but i'm being told still it hasn't been proven to be genetically linked .

  • Useful general information on vaccinations including the flu jab is available at the following link....

    But like with most things ITP there is no "one size fits all " answer. It is a matter of each individual having to decide if the flu jab is for them or not. All you can do is discuss it in all with your ITP specialist first. I actually look at this issue in the latest episode from my weekly ITP blog which is at ...

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