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My son suffering with chronic itp



My son at 20months old he diagnosed ITP in 2011,treated with ivig, prednisolone, 2011 to 2013 we suffered a lot...2014 onward he is fine,upto 2020 jan he is fine,one morning he suffering with motions and low fever,That day onwards his platelets counts decreased to 40k...Still we r facing problem.30 MG Prednisolone given to my son ....plz give ur valuable suggestions to me for my son....


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If you have Facebook, please join the POKI group for parents of kids with ITP.

The following links are the most useful and reliable sources of ITP information...




The following link may also be helpful specifically regarding ITP in children ....

I hope that this all helps.

Best wishes to you and your son

Hi! Have you tried Vit D3? I only take Vit D3 and papaya. The papaya I bought off of Amazon. That’s keeping me off of meds. The papaya kept my playlets around 40s to 50s when I added Vit D three months ago my playlets jumped up to 89. I was dealing with bronchitis at the time so my playlets could have been higher my dr mentioned. I go back in three months to check. That’s what’s working for me.

Hope your son get to feeling better soon...

EatPrayLove65 in reply to Elsstk

Good morning...would you please share type of papaya you ordered? Thank you!

Papaya Leaf Liquid Extract Juice

By Herbal Goodness

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