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My 14year old son has been struggling to get his platelets above 10,000 for 3 months with no success. Finally after complete 4werk course of Rituximab we are seeing gradual improvement. It is been four weeks since his last treatment Monday He received a count of 84,000. Unfortunately he is also experiencing a drop in his IgG. Today he went in to have a replacement I VIG treatment and they did a Platelet count and he has dropped to 64,000. I’m wondering if Anyone else has had this experience. I was also wondering if this might be a medication that the drug is no longer working.

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I am also feeling same experience

I had taken retimex for 3 weaks & my platlets count is 114000

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Any good homeopath Doctor should be able to control the disease...And reduce the allopathic drugs ..

I live in Bangalore and am consulting a doctor here for last 15days.

After being given rituxmab my count rose from about 10 to over 200. Over the next few weeks it began to fall back again. It seems that after an initial rise the body can reject rituximab, and it was deemed in my case to have failed. To cut a long story short (all this happened 4-5 years ago), I am now taking Eltrombopag tablets and my count is maintained at over 100. Incidentally, in between the rituximab and Eltrombopag, I was having weekly NPlate injections which kept my count at around 50-60. However as your son is only 14 it would be advisable to check with his haematologist if there is anything else he could try to maintain his levels. Mind you my haematologist would be happy with a count of 64, that is not a bad count. Good luck.

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Thank you. Don’t get me wrong, we are thrilled with a count of 64,000. We just fear it’s beginning to drop. We are checking next week to see if it dropped more.

See what happens when you stop eating gluten

I've never taken retimex but I have tried the I VIG treatment and my platelet count went from 14 000 to 85 000 but then dropped back down to 10 000 within 2 weeks. Personally do not recommend the drug, gave me severe headaches and vomitting and did not benefit me in the long run.

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