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ITP Trying conceive :)


hello everyone

i got introduced to itp in may 2018

i got married 2years back

i got AIHA an autoimmune disease right after my marriage and den itp dis year..

v r planning to start our family

v have no kids before.

what steps should v follow to conceive with missed periods and itp?

how do i plan for a peaceful pregnancy and labor

advice needed frm everyone kindly help me out

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Hello, I recently gave birth to my daughter 2 months ago go. I got diagnosed with ITP about two years ago. They monitored my levels all through my pregnancy and up until the last month they put me on prednisone 60mg a day until I gave birth, then tappered down. My platelets had gone up to 130. I had a (surprise) c section so I needed to have enough platelets for surgery and/or an epidural. So it is possible to raise them up, it just made my pregnancy a little difficult but it turned out all ok thanks to God. Hope all goes well for you.

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Good to hear as everything went well

. My doubt is whether ur ITP will have any effect to ur new born ?

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They said that it would be safe for the baby for me to be on prednisone, but when she was born they ran a lot of tests on her and for 6 weeks they had her do a cbc each week to make sure she didn't have itp as well. Luckily she didn't. So they stopped testing. I was on prednisone the last 3 weeks of pregnancy because I didn't want to be on it long as I didn't know if it was going to affect my baby. Good luck to you, I hope it all works out

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