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Raised platelet gradually from 21 to 222

I briefly wanted to share my son's journey with his ITP. He was diagnosed last January 6, 2018 with a count of 21, he was given ivig and count was raised to 117. Since then, I gave him a total transition healthy diet and lifestyle.

He stopped eating processed, frozen, canned foods and pork.His daily diet given on different time of the day includes aloe juice, coconut juice, sweet potato tops juice, papaya, vegetable shake (spinach, brocolli, pear squash/sayote, beets and carrots), brown rice for every meal and tawa-tawa (snake weed). His snacks include quail eggs, orange, cucumber, sweet potato, pop corn, yogurt, whole corn and whole grain cereals, which vary everyday.

He was also given a daily dose of vitamin C and probiotics.

And to top it all, prayers from loved ones 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

*I am not claiming that this diet is indeed the reason for his raised count. But I truly believe that a healthy diet and lifestyle helped and contributed a lot.

Thank you and God bless us all!!

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Once I’m done tapering off this prednisone that’s my plan to improve my diet. Glad your son is doing better and hope it remains that way.


Thank you! Indeed a healthy diet and a positive mindset will greatly affect your condition 😁 God bless you!


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