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iVGI for platelets

How long did it take for ivgi to work for you? How were your results? Did your platelets go up and down while on the ivgi? Thank you

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Hi, I have had IVig three times. The first twice I had 2 infusions and I was also on high dose steroids to which I wasn’t responding. Platelets went up to a safe level immediately and continued to improve. The third time I was not on steroids because of awful side effects and I only had one longer infusion. Platelets went up immediately but only stayed up a week.

At least I know I respond quickly to IVig if I need an operation.

Now on eltrombopag which seems to work for me.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Hi jodi289 I have had ivig several times my platelets went up to safe levels but the more I have ivig my platelets don’t stay up for long. Ivig is a short term thing. Hope all goes well for you x

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Yes, that's true. It's only to get oyu ot of emergency. Bt after that it's important to get a treatment from hematologist


Hi Jodi, have you had an IVIG (not iVGI) infusion? Are you on any other meds - steriods? What are your current platelet counts?

As provided elsewhere IVIG is a short term fix, not something that will have any long term beneficial effects on ITP. I had 3 rounds of IVIG - Jan, Feb, March 2017 and then was provided with Rituximab in April; thus far the rituximab is maintaining a count of 105 - 139, not a 'cure' but seems to be a route to a long term remission of symptoms and I can live with that.




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