Bruising under nails

Bruising under nails

Hello All,

My Legs finger nails are like this from past a year and my ITP was diagnosed 6 yrs back. I have tried all treatments and nothing worked. Now I am not on any medication in particular, occasionally i take Revolade. I am sure my count is below 20k based on my bruises and I don't like to make my life worst so not going for blood checks freequently. I feel the size of those paches increasing day by day. Do any of you also face samething? I know, increase in counts might fix this but any other suggestion apart from that?

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  • Just diagnosed in December and I bruise get purpura if there the same and my platelets are always under 60 go for weekly bloods no meds no change and I get all my info from this site I was down when i was first diagnosed and shocked never heard of itp now I just think you know what things are sent to test us and you know what itp is that you may never know why it happened or get answers I choose not to let it get the better of me ( some days I struggle with tiredness doesn't help I am at 4.45 for work ) myself I have no answers lots questions why I regularly visit this site one thing I would say tale care of you I am : )))))

  • Yup only good thing is to find this forum. I wish I should have found this when I was diagnosed initially.. Without knowing about it, I shed lot of tears on my situation. Feels silly if I think.. :) So please feel lucky for finding this sooner in your life.. :)

  • I feel very lucky for everything in my life :))))

  • Take care of you

  • What helps my bruising is vitamin c and pomegranate extract

  • I tried them too for a month but didn't see any improvements so stopped. May be I have to continue atleast for 3 months.

  • Yes I would definitely

  • i have exactly same as it urs. both in hands n foot nails. if any one have any cure to this . please let us know . i had itp from july 2016. tried everything. now living without medicine . i just have this bruises under nails.n acne on face neck n shoulders arms

  • First I thought it was due to nail polish. But they never seems to go. Feels scary thinking what if it occupy complete nails.. :(

  • hmm., no mine is same as it urs. n it stays still. in my case. in same size

  • Oh that's good atleast.!! Thanks for letting me know.

  • Yes have you tried vitamin. C or any anti oxidants?!

  • im on it but not regularly

  • I eat Kiwi fruit almost everyday and one fruit covers our whole day requirement of Vitamin C, still as usual I get Bruises every month. I started taking Aloevera capsules from 10 days as someone suggested, no changes I feel yet.

  • My day today is s bruiser 5 so far and counting : )))

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