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Hope to learn more about platelet problems

I'm New Here!

My GP has just told me my blood test showed a borderline level for blood platelets.

(139 instead of the minimum 140.) The second test may confirm or contradict this but I know nothing about platelet problems and somehow got onto this helpful site.

I live in the UK so the test result figure is likely to be done differently.

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Platelet counts vary. 139 is fantastic, nearly normal. Your GP might keep tabs on them to see which way they go, and if they go down, follow a trend. But I would not worry at this point. Many with ITP live with much lower counts. Some have bleeding or fatigue issues, other might have none. Mine have been between 8-55 for over two years. I'm not a bleeder & only had treatments when they were below 20. Treatments for me, are worse than dealing with ITP. Hang in there.

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I have only had ITP since May but what I have learned is, if your platelets are at 50 or above you are not in danger of a bleed and you are able to have a surgery if needed. My platelets have gone as low as 12 and has been all over the map since May. I have not been able to find a hematologist within driving distance so my gp is just monitoring until one can be found. I have no symptoms except a bit of bleeding through my gums so it’s a wait and see for me. Mine was found by accident during a CBC blood screening. Take care and google lots of info


Hi Egghen, platelet count of 139 should not be a worry; many ITP people live full and active lives with counts of 40 - 60. My latest blood test after a round of Rituximab in April showed count now up from 3 to 135 and I and my haematologist consultant are very well pleased!

I'm in the UK - Kent.


Hi Egghen,

I was diagnosed seven months ago - I'm in the UK. Platelets between 12 - 199 in the last seven months but for the last two months I've been below 30. At around 20 I get really tired even by 10am but I try different things to rest like mindfulness and sleep! I haven't taken a day off work since April and I run an organisation, have two kids under four and commute four hours a day (fool that I am!). I still cycle in London to work and have gone out a few times in the past few weeks in the evenings to restaurants and even a jazz club! I still travel abroad (if I think my count is low - from the physical signs like petechiae - I will get a blood test and ask for a phone call with my haematologist before I go in case they have dropped below 10 - the level she recommends not to travel abroad). I haven't taken medication since my first diagnosis and won't unless I go below 10 AND have 'proper' bleeding like oozing nose bleeds. So life is tiring but pretty much the same as ever. Just an extra bit of my body sometimes 'talks' to me when I get below 20-30. That's all the physical impact. Mental and emotional has been a very different story as I struggle with the ups and downs of ITP and also another blood disorder, neutropenia. I am used to previously being very fit and healthy. And each month I have had something that has slowed me right down, either a high fever (from neutropenia) or very low blood count that needs extra hospital appointments. But i am slowly realising that I can live quite happily at this low level. As long as I prioritise 8 hours sleep a night and listen to my body. And am kind to myself emotionally and mentally.

Good luck.

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