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Good news


It's so nice to for once have some good news

For the last 4 was I've been drinking more green drinks and mixing pomegranate juice with aloevera juice and eating gluten free as much as possible. My bleeding gums have stopped and that was the only symptom I had. I get my blood done tomorrow so I saw my dr yesterday. When I got there she had been called away so I saw another dr. By coincidence he had ITP. He looked at my chart and told me I really needed to find a hematologist. I explained that 6 had refused to see me but one said he would see me once only.

He than told me that I should be weened off steroids to see how low I go on my own. The good news is a dr of internal medicine agreed that if I have to have a bone marrow biopsy he would do it. I also told him I was going to see a naturalpath and he said it's not going to hurt and that I have to make sure nothing I try will thin my blood. So after 4 months I might finally have a care plan coming together. I'm so curious if my platelets are up because I haven't been tired and no gums bleeding. Don't want to get my hopes up too high cause I've had the rug pulled out too many times.

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Hurray for you! Be careful with the homeopathy/naturalpath e.t.c. I got given a lot of homeopathy and TCM stuff (even did some research online....) which I then showed a friend of my mother's who is a TCM practitioner and retired Head of Cardiology in Peking Union Medical College Hospital. He basically took one look at what had been proposed and said no to almost everything! He pointed out what would be harmful, what would be harmless but proabaly do nada and what would probably just help me feel a bit healthier as a counter to the side effects of western meds.

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That's my dr said they want to review what I'm told to take in case something would lower my platelets. I've done some research on papaya leaf extract so I'm going to try that. Thanks for the advice :)

I hope you find a dr. that is willing to help. Regarding your bone biopsy, I recommend music. Bring earbuds and tunes with maybe an adavan. Also, depending on what is causing your ITP, make sure not to take any thing with any omega 3 or ibuprofen. That was something that I found out myself. You will come to find a new normal for your numbers . It's so easy to get freaked from ITP since they don't really know much about it . But I will say take one day a time. Good luck on your journey, God bless.

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Thanks for the advice. Funny I've been eating pumpkin seeds since I got sick and they are omega3 so I think I'll cut them out and see if anything happens. I got my papaya extract yesterday so I'll give them a try. Have a good weekend. My platelets were only 26 but they clum together easily so if I multiply by 2 they would be 52. Lol

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