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15 month old with ITP

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A week ago my 15 month old baby girl was diagnosed with ITP. This shocked us and rocked us to the core. We had never heard of it and our families all lead very healthy, happy lives.

Her levels were at 5 on diagnosis. The doctor prescribed her a 4 day steroid treatment plan to which her levels increased to 46 (after 4 days). A week later we are up to 150.

Can anyone tell me if their experiences have been like this (in baby) and whether levels stayed in that normal range? I really hope that this has corrected itself and there will be no relapse. All her symptoms have now disappeared and her bruising has nearly cleared up.

Thank you.

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I have Chronic Primary ITP. When I was diagnosed at 29, I thought I was the only person in the world with ITP because I too had never heard of this rare auto immune disease. It took me 3 years to find anyone else with this disease. I am now 43. Steroids are typically the first course of action in anyone diagnosed. There is nothing great about a child having ITP. Now with that said, it has been well documented that infants who have developed ITP and have responded well to treatment "outgrow" their ITP. What I mean by this is that their symptoms dissipate with treatment and as the treatment slowly decreased the PLT level hold and this is great! Doctors call it a remission. I would call is success. I have never had this in my journey and I am over joyed to read over your success!

I am not a doctor. I am simply sharing with you information that I have read over the years. I urge you to continue asking questions and reading about ITP. You may or may not find all of the answers that you seek, but the more knowledge you have the better question you will ask. This is what I have found along my journey. I am hope your baby girl continues to thrive. Love, Light & Laughter through your Journey. Namaste

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