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Hello everyone, I personally dont have itp the reason i am on here is my girlfriend has itp. i have know about the itp since we first started dating 2 years ago. it has only recently had an impact on us, she has recently fallen ill and i am beyond scared. the reason i am on here today is to try and find out more about itp i want her to know that i am always going to be there with her.

does anyone have any advice of things that would help her and me to not panic as much or on how to manage it better???

Christian Celia

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I hope this is replying to Christian Celia....not sure about what I clicked on. It's a lovely message and she is lucky to have your support. What kind of ill is she? What are her symptoms? Is she bleeding?


Hello!! Don't panic, relax, the counts will go up and down. Make sure she relaxes and eats well and gets out to do things. Don't just treat her like glass worried something will happen. Go out and enjoy the sun and have a nice time.


Thanks GOD she has a friend like you. Don't panic. I have had ITP since 2005. My platelets account is mostly low. But I work, travel, enjoy life. Sure I cannot do some things I had done before that. But I have found a lot of other things to do. The only thing I miss is a close person in my life. So always be close to her. Cheer her up!


Stay positive always...I know God is in son 6 almost 7 years old is battling with itp since 2015, he tried Prednisone, IVIg with short live response to him...he tried rituximab but it didnt get his number high....if only he is not a bleeder we can tolerate a low platelet count but since he is a bleeder his hematologist wants his spleen to be remove...

Just lift it up all to the Lord...God is good!

Mark 11:24: "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."







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