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My platelets are now 42 after having bloods today ( dropped since ivig as it was a short term solution ) I am not too concerned my hemotologist mentioned we need to look at options I am quite happy to just get monitered but she mentioned holigistic approach as I had bad reactions with ivig drip and steroids any info please on this forum appreciated ..... I find the only symptom I am struggling with is the fatigue it.

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Hi. That is my only symptom too. I went back to work this week and really the only issue is being tired. I have no other symptoms. I too had no improvement with ivig and I've been on steroids now for 4 months and they don't help. I'm going to be taken of soon. My platelets sit at the 30 range with steroids so I am a little nervous to go off. I don't have a hematologist so I'm thinking of seeing a naturalpath. I've heard that papaya leaf extract may help but it's hard to find except online. It also is very expensive.


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