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UPDATE-Just finished a 5 week round of Chemo

I wrote on here 2 months ago to get an uplift..well things changes for the worst since then. I have had to be on multiple rounds of antibiotics for UTI and Yeast infections which cause a lupus flare, which then caused my ITP to flare its ugly head. I went in for brusing as I always do. I knew my count was dropping due to the fatigue, anxiety, and the bruising. I went thru a 5 week round of rituximab. Doctors weren't sure if it was going to work because my levels started where never stable. My count is at 199 right now. This is considered "normal" but between the lupus and anxiety im sure its dropping as we speak. I hope and pray its not but after 7 years of battling chronic ITP I know my body better than anyone else.

I am so stressed!!! I am still working my 40 hr a week job, still taking care of my 2 precious babies, and still battling with my health. Just the other day I got a call from CPS about my son. They slipped up and told me who called and this person is just trying to get back at me for some odd reason. This has added a lot of stress to my already stressful life. This "person" said that I was physically abusive to my child. Anyone who knows me, knows I would never harm my children in any way. They are the air I breath, they give me life, without them...I probably would have taken my life a long time ago. Yes I discipline my oldest ( my youngest is 8 months old and doesn't understand) who is 5 years old. I don't beat him, have never left a mark on him ever and I never would. its not in my nature. My momma says im too soft hearted.

My 8 month old is barely gaining any weight. she is only 13lbs. She eats like a HORSE!!! if your eating something she wants some too. If she sees you drinking something..she wants some too. Doctor said she is gonna be tall and skinny. My son was almost 30lbs by the time he was one (I know..i know chunky monkey, right??) I just want my baby girl to be healthy and happy. I want both of my children to be healthy and happy..

Well that's my update for now....How is your life going???

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I wish for you that things were different. Health is definitely wealth, my gran used to say.

Keep going. Try and get some rest, some help and some time to yourself every week.

Maybe you could start by writing down three things you need help with and three people who might be delighted to offer you help if you ask. Even if these are tiny things.

Also, try some relaxation exercises (freemindfulness resources online might be a good thing to google). After the kids are asleep!

Good luck with it all!



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