Platelets at 73,000

I have had low platelets for a few years I believe but only really aware of it in the past year (ranging from 106,000 - 73,000 today). I'm a bit of a worrier but I think I see people on this site living well with lower levels. I will have a second bone marrow test next week. Any advice? thank you x

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  • My advice, don't let it be your focus. I have gone along with 30,000 no treatment and doing just fine.

  • Thank you so much for that. It really eases my mind. Thank you. X

  • Hello, . Has it been diagnosed as ITP? Are your other blood numbers ok? if the only problem is those numbers and its ITP and especially if you have no bleeding . ....i would say.there's no need to worry. It's only if they are worried that the low platelets are caused by something else ? Otherwise relax xxxxx

  • Yes suspected its for over a year now. All other bloods are fine. Thank you so much, it puts my mind at rest to read your comments. I really appreciate the reply.

  • That's a pleasure. I have never had bone marrow test, or been offered it. I have had itp for 8 years now, been under 20 and occaissionally above 100 but mainly nearer 20.......

    Apart from heavy menstrual bleeding haven't had symptoms except for being a bit peachy bruise wise and tired when little plates drop.

    I am now on 15 mg of prednisolone a week.....sometimes have had nothing and had a soatevof having anti D......

    I am 51 with young child (9).and been a very hard worker in my life and took itp as a sign to just slow down. Don't do stressful jobs anymore......but other than that lead totally normal life.

    Sorted the periods with a combination of tranexemic acid and the pill. That was horrid when it was bad scary and life limiting.......

    I have great heamotologist who is laid back and doesn't push treatment. I am in Oxford

    Hope it gets less worrying for you, it's half the pain of it getting your head round it.

    Take care

  • I am just outside Brisbane in Australia tho many moons ago I did live in Oxford and various villages in Oxfordshire. I too had a brief time of heavy periods, went on the pill for a while then stopped and the periods never really came back. I have a 7 year old and a 10 year year old and I will be 49 next birthday. My low platelets came out of the blue in a health check over a year ago. I had not had a blood test since my son was born 7 years ago and low blood platelets then were attributed to pregnancy.......they were 120,000 back then. Yes, the worry is causing me a fair bit of stress. I also seem to have bad back pain and feeling worse for wear after a trip to a physio yesterday. Thank you for sharing with me xxx

  • I will have a bone marrow sample taken on Tue next week :-( it's my choice.

  • Mine average around 40,000 and has dropped to 29,000 I have never been on any medication. I bruise but don't bleed so I am just living a normal life and have check ups every few months and blood tests at least once a month. There are people on here with a lot lower count and all seem to cope with it. I would be very happy if my count was within your range so don't worry too much about it

  • Again thank you. It gives me a lot of comfort to read your post. This is all quite new to me and combined with recent back pain and at 48 my periods have stopped....there seems to be so much going on all of a sudden. Next week I will have a bone marrow sample taken. This is my choice. It was offered and I said yes. Again thank you for replying. What a great community this is. X

  • Have you had the bone marrow taken Connie? Did it hurt?

  • hi there - yes, had it taken yesterday morning. Wasn't too bad. Yes its uncomfortable and kind of sore when its being done but not too bad and its a little tender today but no real bleeding except for the size of a 5 cent piece. I had a local anesthetic and gas as opposed to a local anesthetic. In at 8.30 and home by 12.30. Back to the haematologist on Friday for first set of results.

  • Needed some comfort from you all again because my platelets dropped to 65000 and I'm feeling frightened. Now waiting on the genetics from the bone marrow test. Will have more tests to be sent away to a special platelets lab. Worried about myleodisplasia as a possibility. 😢😢😢

  • I would love to have 73000. I was tested Friday and had 15000. You will be fine at that level. I am rarely over 50000 for the last 3 years. Don't let it slow you down.

  • Thank you Shawn. Have you ever had a sample of bone marrow taken? I will do this next week? Do you take medication? Thank you for responding, it's great to get replies from so many people - it really helps me put it into context.

  • 73.000 is a good reading, i agree with other comments to your post.

    My Platelets on May 31st were 23.000,

    Some people say they would leave treatment, but my consultant said because i was in that zone, i was at risk of internal bleeding (they dropped every week since April 24th, when they were 50.000).

    I listened to her, because nobody want to be faced with that, if it can be prevented.

    I went on Predisone on June 1st 100MG and today, am on Day 2 Taper of 15, and back in hospital tomorrow.

    My Platelets a week ago were 83.000, so the Steroids are working, but apparently they wont treat more than twice in 12 months period with Steroids, otherwise they will look at other therapies.

    They mentioned Marrow test to me before Platelets went to 23.000, but i didn't have that done, as my understanding is, ''they needed to treat the low Platelets'' and also said words ''ITP''

    Yet when i asked, was i diagnosed with ITP, they said ''ITP is a process of ruling things in/out'' - and i believe waiting further to see how Steroids work.

    I guess i am a little in no mans land, but i believe that's what i do have.

    I had the signs, bad bruising, tired/fatigue.

    No bleeding, which i think they felt was unusual, and most likely why they didn't fully diagnose my condition at that point.

    I am still fairly new to this and only really a month and a half into my journey, so learning all the time.

    My consultant said that if Platelets were over 50.000, a person could have Operation, which i think will put things into perspective at 73.000.

    Obviously they would like them higher, but its nice to know that.

    Take Care, and i hope everthing works out.

  • hey thanks for sharing. Its hard to understand everything sometimes. I asked my consultant what would happen if they got really low and she said at my age (48) they would consider a marrow transplant. That freaked me out a bit. I don't have bruising, bleeding, tiredness or anything else. Recent back pain is making me nervous and stressed but otherwise fine. Good to hear what the medication can achieve. Wishing you all the best x

  • The Predisone worked for me, but for some didn't, although, the first week of August will be a big one for me, as i will be off they Steroids almost a week, and it will be a real reading to know if i have Control of the Platelets for the moment.

    A Marrow transplant does sound scary, but i heard of someone who had that done, a few years ago, and is great since.

    Some have said I should get second opinion on things, which i would pass on to you as well.

    Never any harm, although i didn't, but might should things go different, as i am happy enough with my consultant at the moment.

  • Shneakyoleary where do you live? I am in Australia.

  • I am in Republic of Ireland, never heard of Platelets until all this started.

  • me was picked up in a random blood test. But I had low platelets (120,000) when pregnant 8 years ago - that was my last blood test. Could have been low all this time and I didn't know. Back then it was attributed to pregnancy. Not any more!

  • Did anyone talk to you about the removal of your spleen or if it wasn't it's and was maybe something worse? Do you have any other aches or pains? Thank. Sorry, platelets dropped again to 65k and just feeling a little frightened.

  • I think I am happy with the consultant and the choice to have the marrow was mine.....I need to know what's going on I guess. Hope your levels remain elevated without the steroids. I know my mother took prednisone for years and they destroyed her white blood cells. I guess they know now that they should be taken for the years she took them. Wishing you well x

  • Hopefully the go well, I didn't have the choice for Marrow test, unless it was offered, or so i think. At first when i heard my Platelets were low, and did research on them, i expected a marrow test, esp with my bruising and general feeling.

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