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Low Platelets but no Symptoms?

Low Platelets but no symptoms?

My first test for platelets was 139, then 142, then 125 and now 124. I have no symptoms. The GP has written me out a record of my results to hand to my dentist but says there's no need to inform my holiday insurer as it's just one* test result and not officially a pre-medical condition. I'd call it several* results, but then GPs are perhaps too overworked for great accuracy. Another test in two months. It could go on for ever.

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I didn't have any symptoms either, except some bruises here and there when my platelets were in the 80s. They went as low as 37 and I had a tooth extracted, everything was fine. Some people have symptoms, others don't. Unless you start having nosebleeds, or blood in the stool or urine, or any other bleeding that is abnormal I wouldn't worry too much. Take care and hope your next reading is good!


My count bumps along at between 19 and 38, and I have few symptoms. I get petechiae on my feet when my count is low, and more tired than normal, and I bruise more easily if I bump into things, but nothing apart from that.

As for going on forever, yes, but there are worse things to have. I've had it for 22.5 years now, and no meds apart from when I had my wisdom teeth removed a year after diagnosis.


This is encouraging!


This is a good set of results. And good results. If you have no symptoms and if its definitely ITP you don't need to keep having bloodtests. After nearly 50 years of this disease I rarely have tests, well, only before dental extractions. My count has never been as high as 100. average 40/50 ish. Platelets go up and down all the time in everybody , also testing is variable. Don't worry.

The hardest aspect is the mental one of accepting that you have this autoimmune disease and if you are physically careful you will be okay. Keep yourself fit and healthy and live your life. Good Luck!


It will :( I am still under my hematologist 18 months in my hover between 21/ 50 no meds my symptoms fatigue and petechia small round red pinpricks otherwise all good its a learning curve.


ITP does go on forever

And with your results being over 100 count that’s actually awesome

I haven’t had a platelet count over 100 since 2012 when I was on steroids

My counts are always between 40 and 90 since 2014 after my splenectomy and a bunch of rotuximab


I don't get symptoms until my platelets go under 20 (and usually way lower). I don't think it is unusual.


As so many have said. Don't get overly concerned with numbers. Unless you get down to under 20K, or have "wet" bleeds, nose bleeds etc. I would be careful about starting treatments. After being diagnosed for 8 yrs. and treated on and off with steroids, I did not let them treat until it was under 20k. When I started to get to 3K and steroids were not holding me above 20k. I did rituxian injects 4. I have been fortunate and have been up in the 190's since then. It will be 2 yrs in July.

Not sure about the white cells. Have you google what causes low white cells? No harm in seeing a specialist. Good Luck. Worry is the worse!


Fatigue, is now accepted, as one of the side effects of having ITP. I have had ITP for 34 years now,

being diagnosed when I was pregnant. I do suffer with extreme fatigue, some nose bleeds, and bruise very easy. I do really have to pace myself and at 62, will now have to work to 66. I do think it is about time that this illness , is treated as a disability, for chronic ITP ,if your platelet count is below 20. Mine sit at between 3 to 7 , and this does have an impact on my life and work. Does anybody else fill the same?

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I have never had a nosebleed in my life which I guess I should consider myself so lucky . Oh my - for 34 years! I heard pregnancy is a possible cause. It is a disability in my opinion also. I did not realize it affected so many people and this site has given me some hope that I don't have something terribly life threatening, like a blood cancer but even without seeing the bone biopsy they are saying no. Good luck to you and you sound like a very strong woman . They got mine up to 60,000 from 4,000 in 2 1/2 days but time will tell if they will get higher>


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