Safe and fun

Safe and fun

So my daughter Leah will be 5 .next week. She hasn't had an easty time lately, her platelet level is in the single figures and she's brushing so easy, she can't go out to play at break time in school and my heart is breaking for her. The thing is with her 5th birthday approaching next week I want to take her and her friends somewhere fun but safe as I don't want any bumps or trips to A&E. Anyone any fun suggestions?

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  • Hi Natasaaja26, sorry to hear of your daughter. I know exactly what it's like... my son is the same atm.

    It's so hard trying to let them have safe play and enjoy them self's with out causing any more bumps and bruises. What about taking her swimming with a few adults too or a soft play area? Or an craft activity? Hope she has a lovel birthday. 😊x

  • Hey Ana84. I didn't think of swimming that's a great idea, thank you.. I know it is hard and harder trying to explain why they can't do certain things or have to go easy. That's our plan a day swimming.. Thanks a million x

  • oh dear..these marks r so familiar..........dont panic..she deserves a great birthday...yes its hard to convince them why normal kids activities r limited for son has chronic congenital thrombocytopeania and the only solution his doctors say can be bone marrow transplant which has its own risks so he is just going with his count 10 ..I thank for every day that passes safely for use worrying much about it as a mom...............they will get used to it slowly..wishing ur daughter a happy birthday n a healthy life...

  • Awww... Thank you! This site gives support, optimism and comfort. My wee girl has itp a year now and most of the information abt it I find on here or Google. So thank you all and be prepared for more questions from me lol.. x

  • Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your daughter.. I was in yhe same place like you. After so many hospitalization and treatment ,when her doctor decided to taper her from prednisolone,after more than 1 year on it , I gave her bovine Colostrum. In the begining ,the plaletes went down ,and in few days started to rise. Still good after 7 years (she is 25 now and a happy mom). ITP can be cured.

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