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My Dr. called and told me I had 34000 now instead of 41000 I told her I already new since I get my results on line. She wants me to have another blood test done on Monday and go see her on Wed. to see if I need this medication. I told her I am not bleeding, no bruising and that the hematologist had said not to worry until they went down to 30,000. If I am not bleeding or bruising why would I have to take this medication. I am sick and tired of all these pills and as what I can see they do not do much in the long run. I will probably have to have my blood taken every week but that is okay.. I do not wish to take anything unless I have too. I am weaning myself off of pregabalin and I went for a power walk today at my sportsplex. You can walk around the top of the arena for free. 7 laps = 1 mile or 5 laps = 1 km. I walked 3 laps and then went grocery shopping. I swear I walked around that store at least once. I am going to do this type of exercise every other day with hopefully swimming on the days in between. I am starting to feel a bit down but I know that there is nothing to be done so I came on here to see if anyone is around.

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My counts are less 9 . not having any active bleeding ., ya i have bruises sometimes. i also tried many medicine. Blood transfusion . every body has its own will power and whole scenario . Dr only say things which are written in books. They don't admit that patient aint need no medicine if they are asymptomatic. Just we have to make sure that is ITP or any any other. Having bone borrow will confirm u that.

Moreover , in case of ITP patient must have knowledge of ITP. other wise u keep on taking medicine which are more dangerous than ITP itself

I hope one day Dr will guide patient more specifically rather than to give DANGER medicine

Cheers :) . Take care

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Hi just finished work my exercise : ))) my platelets are all over the place at the moment and I go for weekly bloods my next step steroids I said no my hematologist listened and said there is other options it is your body and you know what is best your doctor can advise and you can listen it is about choices and exercise is a good mood uplifter whether walking, supermarket shopping ,you are in control and it can be very draining if you let it hope you feel better soon.


well I had ny blood test done and my count went up to 73000 hope it is not just a fluke, but I will take it.


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